Complete Repertory 2022: Unveiling Roger Zandvoort’s Comprehensive Repertory with HompathZomeo as Your Ultimate Tool

Repertories play a vital role in finding the most suitable remedies for patients. They serve as comprehensive reference books, containing an extensive collection of symptoms and their corresponding remedies. One such remarkable repertory is the “Complete Repertory 2022” by Roger Zandvoort, a renowned homeopath and scholar. Let us explore why Complete Repertory is the most widely used Repertories of all!

Following are the features and significance of the Complete Repertory 2022, along with the invaluable assistance provided by HompathZomeo, a leading homeopathic software.

The Complete Repertory 2022: An Overview

  • The Complete Repertory, created by Roger Zandvoort, is a vast compilation of symptoms and remedies.
  • It covers a wide range of homeopathic literature, including the works of Hahnemann, Kent, Boger, and many other prominent homeopaths.
  • The 2022 edition represents a significant update, incorporating new provings, clinical observations, and research findings to provide a more comprehensive and accurate repertorial tool.


Features and Benefits of the Complete Repertory 2022

  • Extensive Database: The Complete Repertory 2022 boasts an extensive database of over 5 million rubrics and more than 400,000 cross-references.It covers a wide spectrum of physical, mental, and general symptoms, making it a valuable resource for homeopaths worldwide.


  • Hierarchical Structure: The repertory follows a hierarchical structure, enabling users to navigate through various levels of symptom classification. From generalities to specific modalities, this structure allows for efficient and systematic repertorization.


  • Grading and Analysis: Each rubric in the Complete Repertory is assigned a grading based on the reliability and frequency of the symptoms. This feature helps homeopaths prioritize and select the most important symptoms during the repertorization process. Moreover, the repertory provides valuable analysis tools, including miasmatic filtering and remedy relationships.


  • Cross-References: The Complete Repertory 2022 includes an extensive network of cross-references, connecting related symptoms and remedies. This interconnectedness facilitates a holistic understanding of the remedies and aids in finding the most appropriate choice for a patient’s unique symptomatology.


From symptom to solution: Harness the potential of Complete Repertory 2022 and HompathZomeo for accurate and personalized homeopathic care

HompathZomeo: Your Companion for Repertorization

HompathZomeo, a leading homeopathic software, integrates the Complete Repertory 2022 within its platform, making it easily accessible to homeopaths and students. Here are some notable features of HompathZomeo:


  • Advanced Search Functionality:HompathZomeo enables efficient and accurate searching of        symptoms   using the Complete Repertory 2022. Its user-friendly interface allows for precise selection and compilation of rubrics, saving valuable time during case analysis.


  • Customization and Analysis Tools: The software offers various customization options, allowing homeopaths to personalize the repertorization process according to their preferences. Moreover, HompathZomeo provides multiple analysis tools, such as kingdom classification, miasmatic analysis, and remedy relationships, to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of case management.


  • Remedy Comparisons and Materia Medica:HompathZomeo includes a vast library of materia medica, providing detailed information on remedies. It allows for quick comparisons between remedies, helping homeopaths make well-informed decisions during case analysis.

Enhancing Homeopathic Practice with Complete Repertory and HompathZomeo

  • The synergy between the Complete Repertory 2022 and HompathZomeo creates a powerful combination that significantly enhances homeopathic practice.
  • By leveraging the extensive database of the repertory and the advanced features of the software, homeopaths can confidently analyze cases, repertorize accurately, and select the most suitable remedies for their patients.

The Complete Repertory 2022 by Roger Zandvoort, accompanied by the HompathZomeo software, represents a comprehensive and invaluable resource for homeopaths. With this powerful duo, homeopaths can confidently practice evidence-based homeopathy, improving patient outcomes and advancing the field as a whole.

HompathZomeo and Complete Repertory 2022: The Dynamic Duo Revolutionizing Homeopathic Practice! Ready to take your homeopathic practice to the next level? Embrace the Complete Repertory 2022 and unlock its potential with HompathZomeo. Get started now!

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