Complete Repertory 2018: Features & Benefits

Complete repertory 2018 by Roger Zandvoort is among the best and widely used repertory since last 3 decades. It is famous among practitioners, teachers, and students. Roger found a lot of information missing in Kent’s repertory and this was the groundwork of Complete repertory.

Complete repertory

Roger started his work from the source books-Kent’s Materia Medica, Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura, and The Synthetic Repertory of Barthels and Klunker.

Structure of Complete Repertory 2018

  • You will find 44 chapters of Complete Repertory 2018 in Zomeo Homeopathic Software, the highlighting ones are the chapter on Boger’s General Analysis, Clinical and Mirilli’s themes.
  • more than 2 lac rubrics
  • 2540 remedies
  • 4260 Sources

Philosophical background

General to particular

Features & Benefits of Complete Repertory


You cannot doubt the accuracy of the literature in Complete Repertory as it has been re-checked to original source books multiple times by many homeopathic authors along with Roger.

Updated timely:

There are verified new additions time-to-time referring to source books, new provings or clinical experiences. You can find the names of authors who have contributed the repertory additions in each publication.

Limitation of errors:

Complete repertory is among the few repertories which are constantly being checked for the accuracy in its data with respect to rubrics and remedies.

Cross References:

These are helpful to advise the use of other similar rubrics you may prefer to consider. For example, if there is a deserted feeling in a patient. Complete repertory gives 8 cross-references for the rubric ‘deserted’. This allows you to choose the exact one for your patient.

Complete Repertory

Rubric arrangement:

  • General rubrics
  • Sides(one-sided, left, right)
  • Time
  • Modalities and concomitants
  • Extending to
  • Localisations
  • Sensations

This flow makes it easier to find the relevant rubric.

There are many other features which makes Complete Repertory one of the best repertories among practitioners. Learn all about them in the Online Course on Soul of Repertory & Repertorization.

What will you learn about Complete Repertory

  • How to use rubrics and sub-rubrics
  • Search of specific rubrics
  • Terminologies in repertory
  • New additions, latest provings
  • Use of cross-references
  • Repertorising cases using Complete Repertory

The course is open to all homeopathic professionals. You will have lifetime access to the recordings and you can watch them as often as you like.

Register Today to uplift your skills in using not only Complete Repertory but other important repertories (Synthesis, Kent’s, Murphy’s and few others) as well.


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