Essential Keynote Picture of Cedron

Cedron is derived from the plant — Simaruba ferroginea, also known as Simaba cedron.  Cedron is characterized by its slender, elongated seeds, resembling the shape of a small cucumber.

Key Indications:

Malarial Affections:

  • Cedron is renowned for its efficacy in treating malarial fevers. It is particularly indicated when the fever exhibits periodicity, with chills and heat recurring at specific intervals.
  • The remedy resonates with the characteristic “oclock” aggravations, emphasizing its specificity in addressing malarial disorders.

Neuralgic Pains:

  • Cedron’s is used for neuralgic conditions, especially those associated with periodicity.
  • The remedy is indicated in shooting, lancinating pains, often affecting the face, eyes, and temples. The pain may be accompanied by a sensation of heat.

Headache and Eye Affections:

  • When headaches are accompanied by severe eye pain, Cedron is a valuable remedy. The eyes may feel as if they are being forced out, and relief often comes from lying down in a dark room.


– Neuralgias occurring at exact periodicity are a distinctive feature.

– Suited for individuals of a voluptuous disposition and excitable nervous temperament.

– Acts as an antidote to the effects of snake bites and insect stings.

– Commonly indicated for complaints after coition, chorea in women, and neuralgia in men.

– Trembling and numbness of the whole body.

– Effective in malarial affections, particularly in damp, warm, marshy countries.

– Convulsions during menses and lectophobia (fear of speaking).


– Standing erect.


– Periodically, at the same hour.

– Open air.

– Lying down.

– Before a storm.

– After sleep.


– Orbital neuralgia.

– Feeling of craziness from pain across the forehead.

– Numbness of the entire body during a headache.

– Stammering after coition.

– Sensation of the head being swollen.


– Burning sensation like fire.

– Severe pain in eyeballs with radiating pains around the eyes.

– Red eyes, worse after coition.

– Objects appear red at night and yellow by day.


– Acute sudden pain in the ball of the right thumb, extending up the arm and in the right foot to the knee.

– Arthritic flying pains, most in feet and hands, relieved by motion and cold.


– Excitement before the chill.

– Malarial fever with periodic paroxysms.

– Chills and shivering, followed by dry heat and profuse perspiration.

– Feverish paroxysms exhibit a clock-like regularity.


– Emotional with gloomy, depressed spirits.

– Disposition to weep and excessive anguish.

– Dread of friends, particularly in females.

– Intellectual torpor and uneasiness.

– Restlessness and lectophobia.


– Sleepiness and drowsiness.

– Restless sleep with confused dreams.

– Waking dreams and restlessness at night.


– Genital excitement at daybreak with leucorrhoea-like discharge and swollen mammae.

– Cedron’s effects more pronounced in females with a voluptuous disposition.

Respiratory and Chest:

– Difficult respiration with partial loss of voice.

– Oppressive pain in the chest and frequent inclination to sigh.

– Palpitation of the heart and hurried breathing during fever.

Urinary Organs:

– Pain and burning in kidneys, along ureters, and urethra.

– Profuse secretion of urine, often with a metallic taste.

Conditions Aggravation:

– Symptoms worsen periodically, at the same hour.

– Aggravated by open air, lying down, and before a storm.

– Neuralgias worsen after coition.


– Relief from standing erect.

– Some symptoms improve with motion and friction.

– Pressure at the temple disappears toward noon.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Belladonna and Lachesis

Cedron individuals may exhibit heightened sensitivity and restlessness, often aggravated by the recurring nature of their physical symptoms. They may have a fear of impending doom or a sense of foreboding during the periodic episodes.

The journey of Cedron in the patient’s life is marked by cycles of intensity. Symptoms may escalate, reach a peak, and then subside.

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