A Case of Impotency

Author: Dr. Amar Nikam

This week we will take up this wonderful case of Impotency successfully treated with Homeopathy.

Chief Complaints:
A 30-year-old male introduced himself by saying, “I am under great depression.”

  • Impotency since 3 years.
    • Weak erections.
    • Incomplete coition – early emissions.
    • Exhaustion and sleepiness for 2-3 days after coition (> Long sleep+).
    • Loss of libido – Sex only once in a month.
  • Weakness++ with drowsiness.
    • No desire to do anything.
    • Searches for opportunity to lie down and sleep.
    • Feels heaviness of body.
  • Constipation – has to strain for soft stool.
    • Flatulence with rumbling in abdomen.
    • < Leafy veg. > Passing flatus.
    • < Meat.
    • < Fasting.
    • < Sedentary work.
  • Formication sensation of limbs.
    • < After coition.
    • Feels constricted sensation all over the body as if blood supply is inadequate.
    • Then feels pulsation at any body part relieving his sensation.
  • Hypertension since 2 years. BP- 150/90 mmHg.

Physical Generals:

  • Appetite : Loss of appetite < Fasting
  • Desires : Spicy , Pungent, Meat, Eggs, Fish, Oily, Tea
  • Aversions : Sweet, Bitter.
  • Food < : < Spicy, < Sweets, < Eggs & meat < Fermented food.
  • Tongue : Centrally cracked, clean tongue with teeth imprints & dry.
  • Thirst : Hardly half liter per day. Thirstless.
  • Head : Recurrent headache with heaviness & vomiting > After vomiting.
  • Perspiration : Decreased.
  • Stool : Constipation with straining required for soft stool.
  • Urine : Increased frequency.
  • Male : Masturbation (7 to 8 times / week).
  • Sleep : Sleeping whole day despite a good sleep at night. 11:30 pm to 9:00 am, unrefreshing sleep. Covering entire body. > Hard bed.
  • Dreams : Of daily routine.
  • Thermal : CHILLY. Cannot bear cold in any form. < Uncovering (esp. head)

Life Situation/Mentals:

  • He is a business man, used to work a lot earlier.
  • Managed everything on his own from an early age.
  • Since 3 years not interested in anything.
  • Feels like shutting down business and sleeping in some quiet place away from all commotion.
  • Feels sad when he is not able to do hard work due to his poor health.
  • Thinks somebody has done black magic or cast a bad spell on him.
  • Suffered many emotional blows in the last three years.
  • Sister died 3 years ago due to torture by in- laws.
  • Father had an accident 3 years ago.
  • Brother who was a drunkard died suddenly 3 months ago.
  • He says, “How can you expect me to remain strong and healthy after so many tensions?”
  • Eldest of three children, reserved.
  • After B.com, worked very hard for 5 years and started a tax consultancy.
  • Now says, very tired as he has already crossed his forties.
  • Avoids meeting people due to his ill health.
  • Embarrassed due to the black patches on his face.

Relationship With Wife:

  • Says wife is angry with me as she feels I am not spending enough time with her.
  • Says due to sexual problem his innocent wife is deprived of her physical needs.
  • Says,” It is my bad luck that I am suffering so…”

He started improving soon after administration of the similimum and was eventually cured.

What could be the similimum? Why?

Case Solution:

The following rubrics were taken for repertorization of the case

Rubrics for Repertorization:

  • Anxiety, conscience of
  • Stupefaction, as if intoxicated
  • Sympathetic, compassionate
  • Superstitious
  • Grief, ailments from agg
  • Sexual desire, diminished
  • Masturbation, disposition
  • Exercise, exertion agg
  • Formication crawling, lower limbs
  • Erections weak, impotency
  • < After coition
  • < Fasting
  • < Uncovering (Esp. head)
  • Thirstless with dry tongue
  • Abdomen rumbling
  • Straining required for soft stool
  • Dullness
  • Sleepiness overpowering



Remedy Selected:

Homeopathic software - Quick Repertorisation window for A Case of Impotency

Follow Up:

—  After 15 days:


  • Excessive sleep >
  •  Feels sufficient blood circulation in every part of his body.
  •  Now feels relieved and relaxed after coition.
—  Next Follow-Up:
  • He started feeling energetic.
  • Also showed improvement in health and business.
  • Wife is also happy.

Differential Diagnosis:
Tendency for masturbation and impotency after excessive indulgence in sex
Ph-ac also expresses the symptom of exhaustion after coition, but Ph-ac does not have overpowering sleep
Constipation with soft stool is more prominent in Nux mosch
Nux mosch expresses more symptoms of disturbed circulation such as formication
Ph-ac represents much apathy whereas NUX MOSCH retains its sympathetic nature even in exhausted stage

More fearless and heedless person. Also, expresses dullness and stupefaction with increased courage.
Inconsiderate boldness (Well says when he is sick.)
It also has sleepiness with snoring.
Compared to NUX MOSCH, OPIUM is cheerful when awake.
OPIUM has constipation and straining required for hard stool.
Besides OPIUM is a hot and thirsty remedy.


  • The Nux Mosch patient is always ready to go to sleep. It is with great difficulty that she can keep awake.
  • The sleepiness and dazed state are two things combined and when combined are difficult to be covered by a remedy.


  • Drowsiness
  • Thirstlessness
  • Dryness sensation.
  • Mental depression from grief, mental exertion.

This case demonstrates how even a tricky case like Impotency can be successfully cured with Homoeopathy.


  1. Nice and effective treatment with Nux moschata.thanks

  2. Dr. Vishwamber

    Good treatment & individualising case

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