A Case of Vitiligo

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

Case History:
A young girl came with problem of vitiligo, small white spots on the right side of the face.Trouble started after her maternal grandfather expired on 8th Sep 2004. She was very close to him. Seeing her grandfather dead was a big shock for her. She was unable to get over this shock & grief of this loss & is very sad.

While the mother & elder sister often cried openly on their bereavement, she never expressed herself, she remained quiet. This grief / emotional shock + 3 expressed in the form of vitiligo. If ever she cried, she cried alone in her room and only when mother entered her room and saw her crying alone in secrecy they realized the gravity of her grief. She is very scared. Is suddenly aroused from the sleep and recalls the dead body of her grandfather. She developed marked restlessness in sleep.

There is marked fear of ghosts, dreams of ghost + 2, fear of insects +3, fear of darkness + 2.She is sensitive +3, becomes sad whenever watches an emotional movie. She doesn’t like to be disturbed while working on something. If someone hurts her, she feels like giving him if a slap. Gets angry but won’t express openly. When angry, she would like to throw things but controls her emotions. She is Fastidious, wants everything in proper place.

She is clear in her concepts; she wants to be doctor or else a fashion designer of international repute.She is very artistic – likes Painting + 3, dancing +3, music + 3. She has received an award for her drawing from President of India. She is very conscious about her looks. Even at this age she spends lot of time looking at mirror or dressings up.

Desires company +3, can make friends easily, was obstinate and demanding as a child, Cries a lot if something was denied. Was naughty & very cranky.

There is craving for chalk, used to eat chalk +2, craves eggs +3, likes salt +3, whenever she goes out to a restaurant, will take and eat table salt. Likes chocolates +5 and pizza +2. There is aversion for vegetables.

There is thirst for lots of water + + + + frequently.

She has habit of sucking thumb + + and nail biting and also licking walls.


  • Sun headache + +
  • Needs a cap & sun glasses
  • Likes fan & A.C.
  • Weather- does not like extremes of weather
  • Bath-hot water
  • Cover-does not take even in winter
  • Repeated cold

Family History:

  • Father-44 yrs
  • Hypertension since 1 year
  • Mother-44 yrs
  • Migraine
  • Maternal grandfather
  • Ischemic, expired

On Examination:

  • Teeth slightly yellow
  • Nose congested right side
  • Fungal patches on face
  • White discoloring patches on eyes & cheeks

Case Solution:


On repertorisation, we get nat-mur.

Case of vitiligoRemedy Selected:

  • Nat Mur 200
  • 1 Powder X 16 tablespoon of water
  • 1 tablespoon at night only for a night


  • Patient is happy
  • Feels energetic
  • Very active again
  • Mixes with everybody
  • Takes interest in studies
  • Sleeps alright
  • Skin normal color
  • The feeling of unhappiness has totally disappeared along with facial patches.

This case demonstrates how even vitiligo can be cured with Homoeopathy.


  1. nice and elaborate presentation..what was her look?

  2. Dr.Md .Rafikul Alam

    Very authentic cure.

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