Homeopathy For Winter Dryness- Overview on Rubrics And Remedies

Homeopathy For Winter Dryness- Overview on Rubrics And Remedies

Winter brings with it a host of dryness-related complaints, from parched skin and chapped lips to the aggravation of chronic skin conditions. As homeopaths, understanding the nuanced presentation of winter dryness and the rubrics that correspond to these symptoms is crucial for prescribing the most effective remedies. This blog explores key remedies for winter dryness, their indications, and relevant rubrics, guiding you to make informed choices in your practice.

Key Remedies for Winter Dryness

  1. Petroleum: This remedy stands out for its efficacy in treating skin that becomes dry, cracked, and bleeds in winter. Indications include deep cracks on the hands and feet, often with a tendency to get worse during the cold months. The skin may feel hard and rough, resembling the texture of parchment.
  2. Sulphur: Ideal for dry, itchy, and flaking skin that worsens from heat and water. Patients needing Sulphur often experience an aggravation of their skin complaints in winter, coupled with a general aversion to bathing.
  3. Graphites: Recommended for dry, cracked skin, particularly in the folds of the skin and behind the ears. The cracks may ooze a sticky, honey-like fluid. Graphites is particularly suited to individuals with a tendency toward eczema that flares up during winter.
  4. Hepar Sulph: Suited for chapped skin that is extremely sensitive to cold air and touch. The skin may also be prone to suppurative conditions, with a tendency to develop pus easily.
  5. Natrum Muriaticum: This remedy is indicated for dryness of the skin that peels and cracks, especially around the lips and the margins of the scalp. Patients may also experience a craving for salt and a predisposition to feeling sad or irritable.

Rubrics and Indications

Exploring rubrics relevant to winter dryness can streamline remedy selection. Some pertinent rubrics include:


  • Skin, dryness, winter, in
  • Skin, cracks, winter, in
  • Skin, rough, cold weather, in
  • Generalities, cold; becoming, agg.
  • Skin, itching, cold air, agg.
  • Skin, dryness, winter, aggravation
  •  Skin, cracks, hands, winter
  • Generalities, cold; becoming, aggravated, winter
  • Nose, dryness, air, cold
  • Lips, chapped, cold weather
  • Cough, dry, cold air, in
  • Respiration, difficult, air; cold
  • Extremities, cracks, skin, heels, in winter
  • Skin, rough, cold weather, aggravation
  • Eyes, dryness, aggravated by cold, dry wind


When selecting a remedy, consider the specific manifestations of dryness, the general temperament of the patient, and any modalities that affect their symptoms. For instance, if the skin’s dryness significantly worsens from the slightest exposure to cold, remedies like Hepar Sulph may come to the forefront.

References and Further Reading

For a comprehensive exploration of rubrics, remedies, and their indications, the following references are invaluable:

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Winter dryness can be a persistent challenge, but with the right homeopathic remedy, based on precise symptom matching and understanding of rubrics, relief is achievable.

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