Hompath Firefly Homeopathy Mobile App – Quick Symptom Record to Increase your Prescribing Pace

The Hompath Family of software has always come up with the most revolutionary, state-of-the-art, unique products for Homeopaths, practitioners, students, teachers, and experts alike. One of their latest Brainwave is the Hompath Firefly App which is so handy and yet so versatile and accommodative of innumerable useful features that are practical and time-saving.

Highlighting one particular feature of the Firefly App is the Quick Symptom Record which can be revolutionary for Homeopathic practitioners. Here are 5 reasons you would love this feature:

Hompath Firefly

  1. Instant recording of symptoms and rubrics for repertorization:
  • Firefly App is equipped with 10 of the best Homeopathy repertories including Kent, Phatak, BBCR, Boericke, and specific repertories like Dr. Jawahar Shah’s Asthma repertory.
  • While you can directly use these repertories for your repertorization, there is also a separate section under Repertory, called the Quick Symptoms Record.
  • This serves as a kind of shortcut to repertorize your case by instantly recording the rubric from various categories.

Quick Symptom

  • Here, you will be offered suggestions for the exact symptom you are looking for.


2. Select from a wide list of Disease Conditions

  • Homeopathic approach to a case is usually from the level of mind to the level of physical particulars.

Disease Conditions

  • But when we select a disease condition it narrows down our search to a group of remedies in which you will most likely find these conditions.

Disease Conditions

  • For example, if you select Hypertension, you get almost 5-6 rubric suggestions, from which we can select the most we can relate to.
  • Or say, select Aphthous ulcers, there are almost 10 rubric suggestions to select from.


3. Select according to the Personality:

  • As Homeopaths, we do a certain degree of psychoanalysis of our patients and try to evaluate their personalities.
  • For example, you may find a patient coward, cruel, affectionate, or maybe egoistic, or lacking confidence.


  • Just hit the “Mind” section, and you will be happy to see the major categories of personalities which we can select.
  • Not only that, there are further rubric suggestions under that category.

4. Allows you to choose from a wide range of rubrics

  • As mentioned, there are rubric suggestions for every step or every section that you visit.


  • It’s almost a feast for the eyes to see and record what you really need.
  • It’s like releasing some pressure off your brain to think hard about where and which rubric to find and from which repertory.
  • Quick Symptom Record can ease off a lot of work and help you see and solve more cases in your clinic.

5. Neat and categorized sections

  • Instead of flipping through repertories, here is a convenient option from a neatly organized and systematic arrangement of physical generals like food, thirst, cravings, and aversions, factors that ameliorate and aggravate, etc.

Hompath Firefly

  • The Physical Section is also very scrupulously arranged. Not only is it meticulous, but each section also offers options from the available repertories in the Firefly App.

Quick Symptom Record

  • You don’t have to worry about which repertory to select any more. What you need is the correct rubric from any repertory you wish.

Firefly App was painstakingly made keeping in mind that Homeopathy should spread to every corner of the world and every practitioner should be able to use software that is pocket-friendly. Firefly App is absolutely unique and complete in its own way and its unique features are what sets it apart from the other Homeopathy apps.

Use the Application absolutely FREE for 30 days! Available for Android and iOS


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