Indian Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice by Dr. Dhiraj Nanda

With several views on homeopathic mother tinctures, the practice of using them seems disputable among many homeopaths today. Tinctures undoubtedly play a crucial role in your homeopathic practice, provided they are used with good knowledge and precision of the doses.

India is blessed with very rich flora and fauna, and time and again, our age old Ayurveda is proof to its medicinal benefits. However, while Ayurveda uses the crude substances, Homeopathy uses the active principle for mother tinctures in the lowest potency possible. Many homeopaths have been using them with remarkable success in their clinical practice.

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda, a leading homeopathic practitioner has presented his profound experience of mother tinctures in his book “Indian Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice”. This book contains description of more than 50 Indian mother tinctures, their properties and medical applications in clinical practice. He has covered many substances from plant and animal kingdom frequently found in India. For example, one will find medicines like Terminalia Arjuna (arjun), ocimum (tulsi), Syzigium (jamon), Ficus (banyan), Blatta (cockroach) etc.

Dr. Dhiraj Nanda is author to several books on Homeopathy and has presented numerous papers at national and international conferences and seminars. He is recipient to many awards due to his significant contribution in Homeopathy and his books will always remain the magnum opus of his successful practice.

“Indian Mother Tinctures in Clinical Practice” will add a great value to students and practitioners of homeopathy, making their practice to use mother tinctures easier. This book can always be used as your guide book to dispensing mother tinctures in their right doses and correct repetitions.

Practitioners and students should always be open to using homeopathic mother tinctures in their practice, and their utility can only be known when they try for themselves. Using mother tinctures has been advocated by Dr. Hahnemann himself, and practitioners should not shy away from using them.

Indian Homeopathic mother tincture

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