Case of a mentally retarded child with convulsions

1995 Volume 30 Number 1- Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Here is a case of 1995 which appeared in the Indian Journal of Homeopathic medicine about a mentally retarded child with convulsions. Let us attempt to solve this case using the most leading software, Hompath Zomeo. The case is presented exactly as in the journal.

“A boy of 18 years was referred to me by one of my patients. This patient came with the father of the boy who narrated me the sad story of his first child. He described his son as destructive and becoming progressively difficult to handle. The patient entered supported by the parents. The patient was not able to walk of his own and in spite of support; he was not able to keep balance.

The boy was drowsy. He had to be aroused from sleep with difficulty and he was going into the state of sleepiness while responding to the question. Saliva was dribbling from his mouth. Appearance: childish, lean, thin, stoop-shouldered with oily face. Fingers – elongated. Lustreless hair. The physical examination failed to reveal anything significant except profuse sweating on scalp, palms and soles.

F.T.N.D. child born after 5 years of marriage. The child put the parents in a stage of anxiety when they came to know that he has low I.Q. and he is retarded mentally, although physical growth is normal. At the age of 3 years, the child has the first attack of GM epilepsy. As the attacks started appearing frequently, he was put on anti epileptics. These attacks used to occur more at night, during sleep. The attacks controlled to some extent initially, but subsequently, as the attacks continued, the doses had to be increased.

As the boy showed no progress in the regular school, he was sent to a school for retarded children. From 6 years to 12 years, he had only 3 attacks of seizures which occurred when he was off anti-epileptics. Although the child was quite irritable and used to have temper tantrums, parents narrated that his destructiveness increased more after the age of 12

Parents described him as an unstable, moody, restless and violent when contradicted. He will throw things away or will bite his own arm or bang his head against the wall or will injure himself when he is violent. Mother gave one incident that once when she was cutting the vegetables with a knife, he took the knife and injured himself

One interesting observation pointed by mother was about the prodigal memory. He recalls the names of actors and actresses even if he has seen the movie long back or he recalls the names of those to whom any belonging has been given in the past. Attempt to escape is another strong characteristic. He tries to escape from the home and will come after many hours. Parents lock him up, but deceitfully he will run away within few moments without the notice of parents. One more facet of his personality is the fastidiousness. He wants everything neat and clean, wants to wear only ironed clothes. He also has multiple fears of being alone, of darkness etc.”

Dr. Kulkarni had prescribed Merc Sol 30 TDS with fair results and follow up.

The case was repertorized as follows using the Hompath Zomeo Software:


Sulphur was the remedy that came up on repertorization and the next one was Merc. Sol. Based on the given history of low IQ, epileptic attacks and an intense degree of violence, Merc Sol was selected. Here we see that although Sulphur comes very closely, considering the pathological condition, Merc Sol was given. This medicine had helped greatly in tapering of his anti epileptic medicines.

However, eventually, after 3 months, destructiveness and restlessness had increased. Reconsidering the following symptoms:

  • Mind remains childish, but body grows
  • Convulsions during sleep
  • Multiple fears

Dr. Kulkarni started with Bufo Rana 30. He improved very well with the remedy.

Hompath helps the physician in selecting the right remedy and the physician’s skill and acumen while selecting the remedy is also important while solving a case. The first prescription made using Hompath Zomeo helped the case wonderfully arresting the pathological progress and also helped to reduce the conventional doses.

The second prescription was done based on the physician’s observation and experience which helped the child further.

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