Quick Case Record Feature in Zomeo Repertory Software

Zomeo, a Homeopathic Software is now going places and with its newest versions is helping homeopaths achieve remarkable success in their practice. Zomeo has all the wonderful features a homeopath would want. Some of the key features include: Quick Case Record, Repertory, Materia Medica, Library, Clinical tips, Keynotes, Expert systems, patient management and instructions and may more.

Here we will see how easy it is to record a case in this homeopathic software with “Quick Case Record”. Why do we need this? When in your clinic, you have number of patients in waiting room, and the prescription needs to be given on-the-go, Quick Case Record helps to record the symptoms very easily by just selecting from the given options.

To use Quick Case Record, from the Menu bar, select ‘Patient’ module and then select ‘Quick Case Record’ from the ‘Case Taking’ section.

In Zomeo, when you click on the ‘Quick Case Record’, on the left hand side, appears a list of chapters from where you can simply click the patient’s disease condition, causative factors, modalities etc. Even the general complaints, sensations, particular organs are listed from which we can select the appropriate symptom.

The ‘Mind’ chapter has also been elaborated in broad categories as shown below:

You can also find the word meaning of the selected word immediately. These mental aspects are most commonly elicited during the patient history and this feature helps you immediately record the said symptoms. After selecting the symptom, you can also see the related rubrics and select the closest one and from the repertory of your choice as shown below:

This feature is a great tool for physicians with busy practices. However, it’s not only the physicians who benefit from this. Many young homeopathic students are always trying their hands at solving cases in their clinics or even in their families and initially it may take some time to get an expertise in selection of rubrics. Quick Case Record feature acts like a repertory teacher to students, where they select a symptom in a common language and by clicking on ‘show all rubrics’, you will find the associated rubrics therein. This is how they can learn new rubrics daily and get better at using the software and solving cases.


Zomeo is the best homeopathic software and when used smartly and wisely, it is sure to give guaranteed success in solving cases, treating patients and achieve prominence in the world of homeopathy.


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