Tempraz Expert System- Dr. Parinaz Humranwala

Homeopathy has been reaching extra-ordinary heights since its foundations laid by Dr. Hahnemann. Stalwarts keep coming; adding to the newest information updated according to the latest technologies and creating histories. Although there have been different schools of thoughts in homeopathy, the collective goals remain the same to do the higher good.

Different approaches to perceive a case and deeper aspects of patient management have been explored by various experts in homeopathy. Hompath Software brings all of these expert systems all under one roof for better understanding and practice of various expert systems according to the patient needs.

Let us see here how the Tempraz Expert System works flawlessly with Hompath software solving cases in minutes and delivering results. The main principle of Homeopathy is that each human being is different and unique. This intrinsic core, our temperament, is unique and cannot be changed and this is the basis of the homeopathic prescription in Tempraz, one of the first expert systems developed by Dr. Parinaz which is incorporated in the Hompath Software.

After selecting the Tempraz Expert System from the Hompath Menu Bar, you will be first guided to its home page which is divided into 2 sections. The left one, there are five temperaments represented with images with quick links to highlight these temperaments. On bottom of the home page, easy to navigate features of the software are present.


Next is the Tempraz Evaluation feature which forms the heart of the Tempraz Expert System. This feature helps you to zero down on a temperament of the patient and can be used as a filter while repertorization. The temperament quotient can be calculated by different categories of evaluation as shown below:

Expert system

The page has been systematically divided with all the 7 categories on the top, the list of the words related to these categories on the left, selected words with categories and intensities on the right, word meanings, clipart, parallel words and the rubrics related to the words at the bottom of the page. From here you can also select the required rubrics and view the repertorization sheet.

Next is the Tempraz practical repertory on the Hompath menu, which pops as page for selection of rubrics. It lists all the Tempraz words under all categories and presents the important and other related rubrics to that word and can be easily selected for repertorization.

Previously recorded and summary is the list of the patients with recorded Tempraz symptoms. It shows the recorded rubrics of that case.


Tempraz materia medica gives you an understanding of the drugs from point of view of temperaments directly from the source books for their true pictures. ‘Tempraz remedies’ is a feature which helps you to study remedies in relation to temperaments. You can see the remedies of a single temperament or even combined temperaments.

Tempraz Insight feature which suggestively delves into the depth of the study of temperaments with Introductions, Archives, General traits of each category and the combined temperaments features. Tempraz Spotlight feature is where you get to know the highlighting points of each temperament in summarized form and you can go through them quickly.

Tempraz Expert System also gives you some of the sample cases solved using this method so you can have a better idea of how to use the system for solving cases according to temperaments.

The easy navigating options, well-designed and categorized pages by Hompath software makes it the most favourable software to use the expert systems and solve cases. Success in homeopathy becomes imperative with the use of Hompath software.

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