Unfolding the Mental Qualities of Thuja

Thuja or the “Arbor Vitae” also known as Western Red Cedar, is a type of evergreen coniferous tree. But what makes it the “Tree of Life”? Thuja trees are known for their longevity. They can live for several hundred years. The term “Tree of Life” might reflect the enduring nature and vitality attributed to these trees.

Thuja has been associated with renewal, continuity, and everlasting life. Thuja has been historically employed for its purported therapeutic properties, contributing to the association with the idea of promoting life and well-being.

Thuja often possesses a profound level of introspection. Their inclination toward introversion can lead to a rich inner world, fostering a deep understanding of themselves and others. They may hold strong values and principles. While this may sometimes manifest as rigidity in thought, it can also indicate a commitment to personal integrity and a desire to live authentically.

Thuja may have a heightened appreciation for the arts, creativity, and aesthetic experiences. Their sensitivity can translate into a deep connection with beauty and expression. The resilience of Thuja trees in nature, enduring harsh conditions and thriving over long periods, may reflect perseverance and the ability to withstand challenges.

Despite their emotional sensitivities, Thuja personalities often have a deep understanding of others’ feelings. Their vulnerability can lead to heightened empathy and compassion for the struggles and emotions of those around them. The introspective nature of Thuja individuals can lead to a strong commitment to personal growth and self-improvement. They may actively seek avenues for development and self-discovery.

A tendency towards perfectionism may also manifest as an attention to detail. Thuja individuals may have a keen eye for precision and quality in their work and personal pursuits. While indecisiveness can be a challenge, it may also reflect a thoughtful and cautious approach to decision-making. Thuja personalities may take the time to carefully consider options and potential outcomes.

Any personality trait that goes beyond the adequate requirement of human nature can lead to disease. Despite its positive traits of Thuja, something that becomes excess can be reflected as symptoms. Let us understand what are the mental symptoms that occur due to an imbalance.

Mental Qualities and Personality of Thuja:

  1. Introversion and Withdrawal: As they introspect, Thuja individuals often tend towards introversion. They may withdraw emotionally and feel a sense of isolation. You will Thuja, under rubrics such as:
  • Mind, Secretive
  • Mind, Brooding
  • Mind, Reserved
  1. Sensitivity and Vulnerability: This sensitivity may extend to emotions, external stimuli, and criticism. Thuja is vulnerable and they feel easily hurt.
  2. Fixed Ideas and Delusions: For many years we have known Thuja for its fixed, rigid thought patterns. They may hold onto specific ideas or delusions, finding it challenging to let go of preconceived notions or past experiences. But again, that stems from its need for perfection, introspection and caution.
  3. Issues of Self-Esteem: In Jeremy Sherr’s Q-Rep, Thuja is ranked highest for low self-esteem. They may harbor feelings of inadequacy and may constantly seek validation and approval from others.
  4. Mood Swings: Fluctuations in mood, including sudden changes from sadness to elation or irritability, are characteristic.
  5. Fear and Anxiety: There may be a tendency towards fearfulness and anxiety, particularly in social situations. Fear of rejection and fear of being alone are common themes.
  6. The dark Side: Just like spiritual Thuja, you will also find the other extreme, the materialistic Thuja, who can lie and deceit, easily manipulate, cheat, and be openly sexual. They know that they are dirty within, and hence fear they might be exposed.

A General Summary:

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The Thuja personality is complex, marked by emotional sensitivity, introversion, and a struggle with self-esteem. The remedy is often considered when there are fixed ideas or delusions or indecisiveness.

Read a small excerpt from Dr Rajan Sankaran’s book of Soul of remedies, for Thuja:

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