Utilizing BBCR in Repertory Analysis: A Deep Dive into Case Management

Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory (BBCR) is a valuable tool in the homeopathic repertoire, renowned for its systematic approach to repertorization and its emphasis on characteristic symptoms. Developed by Dr. Constantine Hering and further refined by Dr. Boenninghausen, this repertory organizes symptoms based on their reliability and specificity, offering a practical framework for selecting the most appropriate remedy for a given case.

Unlike other repertories that prioritize the sheer volume of symptoms, the BBCR focuses on key symptoms that are most indicative of the patient’s complaints.

The BBCR’s practical utility lies in its ability to streamline the repertorization process, enabling homeopaths to quickly identify the most relevant rubrics and prioritize them based on their significance.

In this case, we’ll explore the practical application of the BBCR in repertorizing a patient’s symptoms of arthritis, demonstrating how this invaluable tool can lead to the selection of the most appropriate remedy for their individualized case.

Mr. H, a 74-year-old male has a chief complaint of osteoarthritis with pain in the hip and knee joints. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Severe pain in the hip and knee joints feels as if the joints are brittle and bruised
  • Swelling in the knee joint with discomfort.
  • Pain worsens with ascending steps, descending steps, overexertion, and motion
  • Better by rest and sitting down.

A basic outline of his mental symptoms was considered. His son who accompanied the patient that he is always fretful and irritable. He is never pleased easily with anything and is always dissatisfied and discontent.

He often argues with the neighbours and can even get quarrelsome. He doesn’t trust easily and asks hundreds of questions before confirming anything. During pain he is very irritable.













Symptoms that were considered were:

Certainly! Here’s a simplified version of the rubrics:











  • Always unhappy and dissatisfied.
  • Likes arguing and disagrees often.
  • Doesn’t trust others easily and often feels unsure about them.
  • Easily upset by little things, gets angry or worried.
  • Pain in the hip and knee regions.
  • Bones feel weak and painful.
  • Joints feel bruised and sore.
  • Swelling in the knee joint.
  • Pain worsens when going upstairs.
  • Pain worsens when going downstairs.
  • Pain worsens with overexertion.
  • Pain worsens at the start of walking.
  • Pain improves when sitting down.

















Using the Boenninghausen’s characteristic repertory, the following rubrics were selected:






  • [Mind] Dissatisfied, Discontent, Wants This Then That
  • [Mind] Contradiction, Opposition, Etc.,: Fond Of
  • [Mind] Mistrust, Suspicion, Doubt
  • [Mind] Peevish, Fretful
  • [Mind] Quarrelsome, Contentious, Strife
  • [Lower Extremities] Loins, (Hip) Region
  • [Lower Extremities] Breaking, Brittle, Pain As If: Bones
  • [Lower Extremities] Bruised: Pain: Joint
  • [Lower Extremities] Swelling: Joint: Knee
  • [Lower Extremities] Aggravation: Ascending Steps
  • [Lower Extremities] Aggravation: Descending Steps
  • [Lower Extremities] Aggravation: Overexertion
  • [Aggravation And Amelioration] Walking, Beginning Of: Agg.
  • [Aggravation And Amelioration] Sitting: Down: Amel.

Remedy Selection:

Based on the repertorization, Sulphur was the first remedy; however, Ruta covered all the symptoms of the patient. Ruta was the obvious choice as it is known for its affinity for bone and joint conditions.






Prescription: Ruta 30 BD for 15 days

Follow- up:

Follow-up 1 (2 weeks later):

  • Slight improvement in his overall mood and temperament.
  • Pain in his hip and knee joints has decreased slightly.
  • He still experiences discomfort when going up stairs and feels restless at times.
  • Continue with Ruta 30C twice daily.

Follow-up 2 (1 month later):

  • Significant improvement in his mental state, feeling less irritable and more content.
  • Noticeable reduction in pain, especially in his knee joint.
  • Swelling in the knee joint has also decreased.
  • Pain during walking and ascending stairs has diminished further.
  • Ruta 30C once daily for a month







BBCR offers a systematic approach to symptom analysis and remedy selection, emphasizing characteristic symptoms for accurate prescribing.

Through the Firefly App, the BBCR becomes easily accessible and user-friendly, providing a convenient digital platform for homeopaths to navigate and utilize during case analysis. The app’s interface facilitates efficient repertorization, allowing for quick input of symptoms and generation of relevant rubrics leading to selection of a similimum and enhanced results in Homeopathy practice.


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