Visual tips mobile app- An app for the Zealous Homeopath

Visual tips mobile app

It is said that, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Going by that idiom, Hompath has come up with a unique Visual Tips App. This app intends to demonstrate homeopathic clinical tips, diet and nutrition for various clinical conditions, general health tips and many amazing facts related to the human body.

An image has a long lasting impact on our brains and we tend to remember information presented as a picture. Images leave a fine imprint on our memories and thus Visual Tips app has been created keeping that in mind. In this app, you will find various sections which are all presented with images that help you grow and learn in homeopathy as well as general health.

Homeopathic visual tips

Sections included are:

  •        Clinical tips: Over the years, many noted homeopaths & practitioners have seen results and have come to conclusion in general. Clinical tips are comprehensive suggestions in various clinical conditions that can help you in day-to-day practice. This app has many clinical tips in an image form which are creative and easy to remember.
  •        Diet & Nutrition Tips: More than 60 tips have been included on diet and nutrition and their application in various conditions. You can never fail with the amazing pictures provided in this section.
  •        Health tips: More than 50 plus tips have been included regarding dos and don’ts for different conditions which can be easily memorized and suggested to patients.
  •         Amazing facts: Unknown & rare facts about the human body are presented for you to analyse while treating patients.
  •       Celebrity Testimonials: Check out how renowned celebrities have been benefitted from the amazing action of homeopathy and how their health was restored with this holistic system of medicine.

Visual Tips App serves as a wonderful platform for students, teachers, physicians, & even patients. All the tips have been designed creatively and effectively so that the information stays on our minds for a very long time. Zealous homeopaths who are always reaching out for knowledge and yearning for more will find this app truly useful.

Get this app now and get useful information on your fingertips easily!


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