Dr. Kishore Mehta’s Webinar – A Webinar You Mustn’t Miss

Dr. Kishore Mehta is a well known name in the world of Homeopathy. Awarded the “Best Teacher Award” in 2000, he continues to be a favorite among the students and young practitioners alike. Students go back with clinical experience and clarity about the subject after his lecture.

He teaches homeopathic subjects at graduate, post graduate and PhD levels at various colleges and universities nationally and internationally. In fact, most of the students always go back ‘wanting more’.


That is why, when he announced his webinar, it was a moment of great joy for the Homeopathic fraternity. Isn’t it always a pleasure to listen to someone who is so passionate about his work and who has clinical experience of 40 years of practice and 36000 hours of teaching experience!

Don’t you agree that only those people who love their work are the ones who are best at it? And as a result, they always have the best knowledge about their subject and are able to share some rare insights about their subject too.

When you attend Dr. Kishore Mehta’s lectures you will see for yourself how insightful and beneficial his teachings are for you as a physician and a Homeopath.

He has immense experience in treating patients and has several happy and satisfied patients in India, Greece, U.S.A., U.K., Japan and U.A.E.

Being the author of two widely read books on “Maims” and “Homeopathic Management of Pediatric cases”, Dr. Mehta is one of the most sought after Homeopathy teachers.

It is highly recommended that all the students, young practitioners and experienced practitioners alike attend his webinar on 14th, 15th and 16th June 2017. In this webinar, you will learn the finer points on how to differentiate animal group from Carbons and also watch cases of carbon, spider and snake group remedies unfold beautifully. Dr. Kishore Mehta will also share some common clinical conditions of carbon group remedies and breeze through more cases for a better understanding of the carbon remedies.

group=study on snakes spiders carbons

Dr. Kishore Mehta will throw some light on Venom group of remedies, show us an interesting case of a venom remedy, share interesting common clinical conditions of venom remedies and then go on to spider remedies. You will experience interesting case of a spider remedy and key note symptoms of spiders.

Dr. Kishore Mehta’s main objective in this seminar is to comprehend the clinico pathological application of the action of the drugs of the 3 groups to be applied in practice. Irrespective of any personality, occupation, age or gender of the patient, any patient from any part of the world can be successfully treated by applying clinical and pathological knowledge of Materia Medica. The clinical and pathological indications of these groups of remedies will be discussed in depth by Dr. Kishore Mehta. The same will be supported by successfully treated cases.

This webinar promises to be one of his best webinars, with invaluable knowledge and insights about Homeopathy to take home with you.

$10 for 3 days of world class teaching it’s a great Return on Investment.

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