Hompath software runs on windows system and the minimum configurations required are as follows:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit editions)
  • Intel Pentium, AMD Athlon 64 or higher
  • 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • 3GB of free hard disk space
  • 1280 X 768 screen resolution
  • DVD drive
  • 1 USB Port

Make sure you have enough hard disk space in your system before installing the software.
Installation setup comes with “Installation guide” booklet which provides the step by step guide to install the software.
Follow the steps and instructions provided in the “Installation guide” booklet. Installation process installs the software and necessary components to run the software. When the installation is done, you will find hompath icon on your desktop.
Insert the USB key in any of the USB port and start hompath software using the desktop icon or from the Start menu. The application, for the first time, asks for a product key. A dialog box with unique ID will appear at the start up.
Click on “Contact” button or click on Register Product link. Enter your details and Unique ID and click on Submit button. A product key will be mailed to your email address. Alternatively you can contact Hompath support to get the product key.
Enter the product key in the dialog box opened and click on Register button. The software will start and asks for a default physician registration. Enter the physician details and software will start and is ready to use.Visit Download section to download the fully functional working, limited period demo of the Zomeo. Also download section provides video demos of most of the features of Zomeo.
The Demo version of the software works for 90 days. You can schedule a live demo of the product by sending email to livedemo@hompath.com.
Hompath Security key is a software protection key. Security key is USB key which should be inserted in to any one of the USB port before you start the software. Only one security key will be provided for software so please keep the key safely.
Please contact Hompath Support or mail your details to support@hompath.com. There will be additional charges for lost or damaged security keys.
Hompath software requires a onetime registration process. When you start your software for the first time the software generates a unique ID and asks for a product key against the unique ID. Visit Register Product and register the product which sends you the product key to your email address. Use this product key to start the application. Alternatively you can send the unique ID to support@hompath.com and get the product key.
The Hompath security key and registration key pair works only for one system. So the same pair will not work for another system. If you need another registration for different system, please contact support@hompath.com.
This may happen if you have installed the software on another system or if you have upgraded the system to new one. Please contact support@hompath.com to get new product key for your software.
Take a backup of patient data using “Backup & Restore” feature to a safe location. Uninstall Hompath software using “Add Remove Programs” of control panel. Insert Installation DVD and run setup. Refer “Installation guide” for further help on installation. You may need to register the product again. If so, please contact Hompath at support@hompath.com.