Seigal Method is about practicing on the feelings of the patient which are later interpreted and matched with rubrics of the Mind. It was pioneered by Dr. M. L. Sehgal, who developed the concept that if a person is sick, he has a characteristic state of ‘present, predominating, persisting feeling’ connected to his/her sickness. This state of mind takes the form of outward expressions reflected in the form of speech and gestures. Thereby, allowing us to select mind rubrics while the patient is narrating the complaints.

The “Sehgal Brothers,” as Dr. M. L. Sehgal’s sons, Dr. Yogesh and Dr. Sanjay are popularly known, have been successfully carrying forward the glorious legacy of their father.
Seigal expert system helps us choose the right medicine easily and quickly using mind as a base. Suppose, if the patient says “I don’t like to take allopathic medicine, because of its side effects or because I don’t want to spoil my body.”

The rubrics which may be considered are - Fear of being Injured or Fear of being poisoned by medicine.
In Seigal expert system, many doctor-patient conversations (as described above), which are frequently encountered in practice, are described whereby, on selecting a particular conversation a set of rubrics can be viewed along with suggested remedy by the experts for that conversation. These are also called ‘Patient Versions’. in Seigal expert system.

Such easy is the method of finding the mind rubrics with this software, and it has been proved repeatedly for many years of great clinical results.
We can study the entire repertory with respect to each and every word present in it for better and precise understanding of repertory. Meanings of each word from standard dictionary (Webster’s) are listed, along with examples of ‘Patient Versions’ and ‘Related Rubrics’ for that word.

To know more, you can download the teaching video on ‘Seigal Expert System’ here
Entire collection of books by Sehgal School of Revolutionized Homeopathy is included (12 books) in the software.