Hompath provides the Backup & Restore feature under patient management section using which you can take a backup of entire patients data. Also using this feature you can take backup of selected data, selected patients data and selected physician data. During backup along with patient data additional data like user repertory, analysis data and materia medica favorites will also be backed up. You can also set the auto backup of data in intervals like daily, weekly and monthly.
Make sure that you have purchased the new version from Hompath. Take a back up of patient data of older versions using its Backup & Restore feature to a safe location and also on a pen drive. Uninstall older version and then install newer version of Hompath software. On initial start of the new software it asks for data restoration dialog box using which you can restore the previous versions data.
When you start the software for the first time, it asks for restoring patient and other user specific data from previous versions. Select the folder to restore the data from and click on restore. The data will be restored and available for use in newer version of Hompath software.