Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar comes to your rescue in acute illness and avoid referring patient to other system of medicine. Homeopathy is indisputably the ultimate therapy for long-standing chronic diseases. But how often do we get stuck when we are faced with acute conditions while solving a chronic disease? Or sometimes, how conveniently we deny homeopathy to a patient with acute illness and prescribe him conventional medicines? This is just our lack of knowledge, confidence and skills in prescribing acute homeopathy. This is especially to true for the young, novice homeopaths who are impatient for quick results.

In a different scenario, we are often fixed on giving Aconite or Belladonna for fever, Allium Cepa for colds, or Podophyllum for diarrhoea. It is time for homeopaths to broaden their horizons in practicing acute homeopathy.

Dr. Prafull Vijaykar Hompath

Acute Expert System by Dr. Prafull Vijayakar comes to the rescue. This unique software helps to derive at an acute remedy within seconds. The system is flawless and the results through this system are impeccable.

Acute Expert System is equipped with vast knowledge and experience of Dr. Vijayakar under following headings:

  • Acute Prescriber: This is the practical tool to solve your acute cases. It is based on Dr. Vijaykar’s understanding of activity levels of patient during acute illness, thermals and thirst. The remedies are short-listed and they are explained in a gist for our understanding when selecting the remedy.
  • Materia Medica: His years of experience and understanding of many drugs is compiled in this materia medica.
  • Suppression: Dr. Prafull Vijayakar has always emphasized upon the theory of suppression. Different types of suppression, layers of suppression, role of vaccines etc. are all explained very well that help in clinical practice.
  • Library: Prafull Vijayakar’s all 7 classic books on various topics are included in this software and is definitely a treasure of knowledge.
  • Miasmatic Study: This feature extensively describes miasm, their physical and mental manifestations, remedies and their miasms etc. which is also one more important tool to practice good homeopathy.
  • Cases & References: His collection of cases helps us to learn from his experiences.

With Acute expert system, you will definitely soar to new heights in your practice and prescribe in acute cond confidently and accurately.

Acute expert system zomeo

The good news is that Hompath Zomeo-the ultimate homeopathic software comes in-built with the acute expert system along with other remarkable expert systems. You can even upgrade your existing Hompath with Expert Systems.

So “Learn, practice and grow in Homeopathy with Acute Expert System and Hompath!”

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