Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome(PCOS) case cured by Homeopathy

This is a case of a 34-year-old lady, suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome since last 5 years. She has been married for last 7 years and has been actively trying to conceive since last 5 years. Her symptoms were infrequent and irregular periods since last 7-8 years. Menses would be absent for almost 2 months, followed by occasional spotting and periods thereafter. She would experience unbearable pains in the region of ovaries extending to the inguinal region. She complained of a bearing down pain, as if menses would appear. She would get very irritable before her menses.

She had no other physical complaints. Her appetite and eliminations were normal. She had thirst for large quantities of water. No specific cravings or aversions. She was thermally hot. Her mother had a past history of an ovarian cyst which was operated. Her USG revealed enlarged, bulky ovaries, with multiple follicles and a 4.6 mm x 4.5 mm of hemorrhagic cyst.

She was a housewife and lived with her husband and her in-laws. There were no specific problems within the family, except that she wouldn’t take criticism too well. She gets offended easily, but realizes immediately and takes it as a positive suggestion. She tends to get angry very easily. All her problems would start when she is very angry.

She did not much like household work; however, she would hurry up to finish it off soon, so she can rest later. There was a lot of hastiness in her work. In her hastiness, she would often get very confused and would end up with many unfinished tasks. The process of infertility treatments had drained her down and she would often get very sad. One marked characteristic was that she would like to splurge on shopping for branded clothes which partially diverts her from her sadness.

She also had a past relationship which was broken by her; however, she would remember that and always kept feeling guilty about it.

Hompath Zomeo was used to solve her case. All the symptoms were recorded and repertorization was done. Although she did come close to Lycopodium and Sepia, Lilium Tig was selected. All the confusion, hastiness, confusion and sadness were all pointing to Lilium Tig. This is a wonderful remedy for cysts in the ovaries with the characteristic bearing down pains.

Within 4 days, she got her periods which were absent since 2 months. For continuous 5 months, her periods were regular. A USG report mentioned that previously seen hemorrhagic cyst was absent. The Size of the ovaries was coming back to normal. She also conceived after that.

PCOS cured case

Repertory Sheet of PCOS

Case solving with Hompath-Zomeo is indeed rewarding. With Zomeo, you can easily compare remedies, open materia medica and confirm your analysis immediately. Solving your case becomes very easy with guaranteed results. Of course, there is no exception to taking your case history well and eliciting the data. With a well-taken history, correct analysis and rubric selection along with Zomeo is a sure formula to a successful homeopathic practice.

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