Homeopathy for Animals-Veterinary Homeopathy

The society’s need for an alternative medicine has been increasing manifolds. Homeopathy has been found one of the best holistic and safest treatments for many people. This has been found true for animals and plants as well. Veterinary homeopathy is a safe, effective and powerful form of medicine, uses the principle discovered and developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in Saxony during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Animal homeopathy is growing in popularity and many doctors and veterinarians across the world are using homeopathy for animals. Most veterinarians choose homeopathy due to the chronic and recurring nature of many ailments in animals. The idea behind using Homeopathy is to strengthen the immunity of the animals and treat the disease from the roots.

According the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, any problem that can be treated conventionally can be solved with homeopathy and that too without any side effects. Recurrence rates are also almost minimum or negligible with Homeopathy. Examples of diseases in animals that respond very well to Homeopathy are: skin allergies, ear infections, asthma, IBD, epilepsy and many other conditions. Homeopathy can rapidly treat acute diseases like traumatic injuries, infections and poisonings as well.

Homeopathy has been used extensively in dogs too. Right from allergies to arthritis, and from skin diseases to Spondylitis, dogs have been largely benefitted with Homeopathy. Just as humans, the individualistic approach of homeopathy is applied for dogs as well and no two dogs are treated the exact same way for same diseases. While taking the history from the pet owner, data such as the nature of symptoms, time of occurrence, frequency of symptoms, possible aggravating and ameliorating factors, the pet’s overall demeanour and behaviour should be well considered.

Homeopathy for animals

Here are some handy Homeopathic remedies for dogs:

  • Apis: For bee and insect bites.
  • Arnica: For general pain, stiffness due to overexertion, soreness and musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Ars. Alb: For GI upsets from eating spoiled food where there is both vomiting and diarrhoea.
  • Agaricus: For symptoms associated with frostbite, chilblains, and poisonings. Gangrene from freezing of tissues.
  • Allium cepa: Coryza and hay fever
  • Tart: For respiratory conditions like Pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough with thick white mucous, difficulty breathing, and deep cough.
  • Baptisia: For influenzas that cause a profound prostration, weakness of the neck so head cannot be held in position, and with the inability to swallow food, only water.
  • Belladonna: Sudden and high fever, redness, pain, dilated pupils and panting.
  • Borax: For fear of thunderstorms and fireworks
  • Calendula: Can be used both internally as well as externally for skin infections or any kind of external infection.
  • Hepar sulphur: Wonderful to treat abscesses anywhere on the body
  • Hypericum: Remedy to give for any pain due to nerve damage or injuries to nerve-rich areas.
  • Myristica: For anal sac infections and chronic anal sac problems.
  • Rhus tox: For arthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, red swollen eyes, skin infections and skin itching.
  • Ruta: For any injury to tendons or ligaments and this remedy has a real affinity for the knee joint
  • Silicea: Expells foreign bodies like splinters or foxtails out of the skin.
  • Ledum For any type of puncture wound, including those from insect bites.
  • Caulophyllum: Remedy for labour pains without progress, profuse haemorrhage after delivery.

Apart from these there are even more remedies used in various conditions and they can be dispensed in the same way as in humans. Please note that medicines should not be mixed in their foods; they have to be directly put in their mouth.

Homeopathy for animals gives excellent results in animal ailments especially dogs, cats and even cattle. Saving animals from the hazardous side effects of conventional medicines and giving them a healthier life, Veterinary Homeopathy is surely a great act of kindness that we can offer as homeopaths.

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