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Dr. Rajan Sankaran, an original thinker, and a teacher has authored many books based on his rich clinical experience and successfully treated cases. His knowledge has also helped many students and practitioners obtain amazing results in their clinics by practicing the “Sankaran Method”. One of  such book is ‘ The Soul of Remedies’

After his successful homeopathic books, “The spirit of homeopathy” and “The substance of homeopathy”, Dr. Sankaran came up with this exclusive opus on “The Soul of remedies”. The book is a materia medica of sorts, but becomes unique as it is based on his understanding of a disease. He understands disease as, and he quotes, “a false perception of reality….a delusion”.

In his book “The Soul of Remedies” he brings out the innermost essence of a remedy while connecting the situation, source, miasm and kingdom. The rubrics and physical symptoms mentioned are observed by him repeatedly in his practice. He defies the common misconception of focussing only on the mental sphere by giving importance to all the physical and pathological symptoms, the modalities of the remedy as well.

‘The soul of remedies’ is a compilation of many remedies where the innermost feelings and mental states have been highlighted. This magnum opus is truly ingenious and thousands of practitioners have benefitted largely in solving cases. Apart from the drug picture, this book also consists of miasms with plausible explanations. Miasms are classified according to Dr. Hahnemann, with an addition of few of his own discoveries. He describes how each miasm causes a person to behave in a particular way.

Classification of drugs is another exclusive feature of this book. Drugs are divided in to plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, nosodes, sarcodes and imponderabilia. He has also given a wonderful chart in a tabular form to explain the differences in these kingdoms.

Soul of remedies app

This is one of the best homeopathic books which is now available in the form of mobile app. ‘The Soul of Remedies Mobile App’ allows you to read conveniently on your Smartphone or tablet. There is a descriptive content page with list of all the remedies, click on the remedy you want to read.

soul of remedies mobile app

This Mobile App has the best features for a comfortable and convenient reading experience. You can adjust the brightness, enjoy crisp, clear text and adjust to the size and style you prefer. Highlight the most important sentences in a chapter and the app will store it under the ‘Highlights’ section for future reference. Experience the great read through The Soul of Remedies mobile app.


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