Alumina and it’s closely related remedies

Common name: Pure Clay

Kingdom: Minerals

Alumina is a deep-acting homeopathy remedy made up of pure clay and it acts over various systems of the body.

Constitution of Alumina person:

The Alumina patient is constantly sad. He moans and groans continuously with lot of worries, fretting and is always in a hurry.

The skin of the person is wrinkled or dried-up in texture. Remedies with similar looking skin are China and Secale cor where the withered look is due to loss of fluids.

Alumina is suitable to girls at puberty, children who are delicate or scrofulous. It is especially suited to chlorotic people and kids who have been fed with artificial baby foods. Nat-phos is other such remedy which is suitable to bottle fed babies having marasmus.

Mental symptoms:

Due to the constant sadness in Alumina, the patient is low-spirited and has weeping tendency like Pulsatilla. The low-spiritedness is more after awaking the Alumina, similar to Lachesis and Sepia.

Physical symptoms:

  • Children who are liable to affect with chronic nasal catarrh and dryness of nose. The dryness is marked throughout the system.
  • The skin has all sorts of eruptions with crust formations. Alumina is the prescriptive remedy when there is tremendous itching, he scratches till the skin is off and then comes the crust. The other remedies to be considered are Mezereum, Arsenic, Dolichos where the skin itches and scratches until it bleeds which brings out relief.
  • The eyelids feel sticky and crack like found in the remedy, Graphites, except Alumina has more bleeding.
  • Dryness in eyes, similar to Natrum carb and Natrum sulph. When eyes become dry on reading, think of Crocus, Argentum nitricum, Cina and Natrum mur.
  • Drooping eyelids. It comes close to Nux moschata, Sepia, Rhus tox. and Gelsemium.
  • Alumina has paralytic action (which runs through the remedy) on the internal rectus. There is great straining to pass a soft stool. Here it is like Agaricus, Jaborandi, Conium, Ruta and Natrum mur.
  • Hoarseness is on first beginning to use the voice, they must get rid of mucus by clearing the throat until the voice can get to work. Argentum met has hoarseness too in withered looking young individual.
  • Colic especially in lead worker painters as seen in Plumbum met

How can you differentiate Alumina and similar remedies?

The differentiating factors of any remedy depends primarily on its ailments and modalities.

A/F of Alumina:- From artificial food, lifting, Bottle fed babies, bodily exertion, disappointments, anger, Lead poisoning.


< Food, artificial, potatoes, starch, salt

< Periodically, on alternate day

< Full and new moon

< In cold air, during winter

< Speaking

< Early on awaking

< After menses

< Talking

> Warm drinks

> Wet weather


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