Dr.Bach’s System of Flower Remedies

Mother Nature has always been healing us since time immemorial; all kinds of holistic healing. Homeopathy is also inspired from the true healing properties of the substances present in the nature. One of the offshoots of homeopathy has been healing with the Bach flower remedies which are creations of Dr. Edward Bach, a bacteriologist and a homeopath.

We have known that flowers & plants uplift us, scents give pleasure, colours & forms enchant us and on a more physical level, plants give us medicines as well. Dr. Edward Bach used this knowledge to create a different, yet natural line of treatment from flower essences. Dr. Bach used these key insights while creating this system of medicine:

  1. Observation of different types of people, their outlook on life & personalities
  2. Experience an emotional state and find support from nature in the form of flower essences that would resolve that mental state
  3. Developing a method of transferring these healing vibrations or energies from the flowers to water and preserve it with alcohol to dispense them as medicines.

Bach flower remedies are powerful yet gentle healing substances that can resolve deeper emotional states, mental imbalances and may even treat physical illnesses that have their roots in deeper mental states. They differ from homeopathy in that they have only 38 remedies with one combination and their actions are purely through ‘mental & emotional symptoms’; homeopathy on the other hand can and do act on physical plane directly as well.

Dr. Bach has categorized these essences as:

  • Twelve healers: These are for our primary soul types and equated with the life lessons that we learn like inner peace, strength, wisdom etc.
  • Seven helpers: These are support remedies for long term conditions like hopelessness, rigidity, lack of direction, weariness etc.
  • The second nineteen: These relate to emotional states that occur from life’s challenges such as jealousy, revenge, greed etc.

Bach flower remedies can be understood under various categories:

  • Keywords: For example, keywords for remedy ‘Cerato’ are: need confirmation from other, asking advice, lack trust in own judgement, etc.
  • Human Indications: Indications or a mental symptom for which that remedy is used.
  • Physical Appearance: How it appears, size, colour etc.
  • Habitat
  • Preparation

You can find everything about this healing system in Bach Flowers Mobile App which gives detailed insights of 38 flower remedies. Each remedy is explained elaborately with respect to the nucleus of the remedy, drug picture, preparation, philosophy etc.

This app makes an ideal course for Bach flower therapists and students. Bach Flowers Mobile app neatly categorizes the remedies as 12 healers, 7 helpers and the second 19.



Bach flower remedies gently restore the mind-body balance by eliminating away the negative emotions from life and reinstates the disturbed equilibrium treating the person as a whole. It helps bring about peace & happiness in life and the body can heal itself. This is definitely a wonderful science and Bach flower remedies mobile app is a way to better understanding and practicing of these Bach flower essences.

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