Art & Science of Homoeopathic Pharmacy: Dr. Sumit Goel

Coming from a rich homeopathic lineage, Dr. Sumit Goel is a notable homeopath, an academician, teacher, a life coach and a motivational speaker. Adding to the introduction, he is also an international author and is a recipient of a “Best Author” award for his remarkable work on “Art and Science of Homoeopathic Pharmacy”.

This is one of the most excellent texts on the subject of Homeopathic Pharmacy and is recommended by many homeopathic students, clinicians as well as teachers.

The book is systematically compartmentalized into 40 chapters.  The book highlights the history of pharmacy, origin and sources of homeopathic drugs, homeopathic posology and drug proving.

Salient features:

  • Compilation from standard source books
  • Complete and clear explanation of Fifty millesimal scale
  • Updated literature of Homeopathic pharmacy and materia medica

Homoeopathic pharmacy is neglected subject in homoeopathic teachings due to lack of complete and updated pharmacy literature. This book will make the foundation strong of all the students and practitioners. The author has done thorough research and compiled this book from -Hahnemann’s Organon of medicine, Chronic diseases and Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, and works of contemporary homoeopaths.

Styled in a comprehensible language and easy to grasp text, this book contains self-explanatory definitions and introduction to each topic making it easier to learn the basics.

Homoeopathic pharmacy being a first year subject is thought to be extremely boring. However, the interesting tabular formats are easier to be glanced at and memorized quickly. Even the long theoretical procedures and its theory are explained in short and to the point. Both undergrads as well as PG students benefit from this informative book on pharmacy. The best part is that all the topics end with a self-assessment in a quiz format.

All topics are explained with relevant correlation to Organon which increases the overall understanding of both the subjects. It is perhaps the first book of pharmacy which relates to Organon giving it a whole new scientific and a philosophical touch.


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