Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics

Dr. W. A Dewey was an accomplished homeopath with an incredible knowledge and experience. His excellent powers of observation, his close encounters with the actions of medicines and his immense experience has given a wonderful tool to practice homeopathy. “Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics” is a reliable and an efficient reference to numerous diseases and the indications of remedies.

This magnum opus consists of systematic sections on more than 100 disease conditions with the indicated remedies. The objective here is to describe few remedies indicated in the disease conditions in a quite elaborate manner rather than giving few indications of many remedies of lesser possibilities. Under each section of remedies, comparative materia medica will also be found providing a broader perspective to understanding of therapeutics.

This book directs the practitioner towards practical & condensed indications for the more important remedies in diseases. It is very reliable as information for students of homeopathy as well. The students can indefinitely be helped in their exams and for their future endeavours.

The periodical literature of homeopathy from all the standard authorities has been carefully examined and all the practical points have included in this book. The therapeutics of certain conditions which modern pathology recognizes only as symptoms, such as abscess, anaemia, arthritis, headache, backache, constipation, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, etc. to name a few have been included in this book.

The author has compiled all these conditions with therapeutics with an intention that all the students and practitioners be benefitted.

Zomeo Ultimate: The most updated and upgraded homeopathic software includes this book in its library. Zomeo categorizes each section methodically and the minute technical details are taken care of very well. This provides a simple platform, and its ease of use makes study of therapeutics easier. For students and practitioners alike, Zomeo Ultimate is the best thing that can happen to them in their pathway to excellent homeopathic practice.

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