Using FireFly App – A Beginner’s Guide to Translating Symptoms Into Rubrics

Firefly Mobile App - Rubrics

Analyzing the most recent survey, it was found out, that converting a patient’s symptom and finding an appropriate rubrics seem to be the most difficult task for a Homeopath. We often have pages and pages of interesting stories of the patient, their emotions, so well registered on the paper and yet we fumble when it comes to selecting a rubric. You can use our Firefly app its will be easier to understand & translating the symptoms into rubrics.

So, after all how do we understand a patient’s language, interpret it and form a rubric out of that.

Key essentials of finding the right rubrics are:

  • Skillful interpretation of the patient’s language
  • Proficiency with the language
  • Understanding the meaning of words given in the repertory
  • Correctly using the cross references
  • And a very good repertory that eases your work

Firefly App provides most appropriate fit and perfect in its own way. It has a vast database of:

  • 12 Repertories including the Q-Rep (repertory of mental qualities by Jeremy Sherr, Kent, BBCR, clinical repertories like asthma, obesity etc.)
  • Books on Materia Medica by the stalwarts of Homeopathy
  • Books on philosophy, clinical and regional therapeutics, drug pictures, and many more
  • You can use this app whenever you wish too; no internet connection is required

Firefly - Rubrics

Here is why Firefly App is a must have:

  • Complete clinic management system- wherever you go
  • No other Homoeopathic software or application is as powerful as Firefly Prime. It is our open challenge to the profession, prove it wrong and get your money back!
  • 30- days money back guarantee- no questions asked
  • No internet connection required- access the vast plethora of knowledge anytime, anywhere, on the go and even in the most remote location of the world- you could be in a jungle or an African village or on Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland it works most efficiently! No other software offers you the same ease of access!
Additional Advantages offered by no other software / application:
  • Huge bang for your buck: tremendous content and power for a small one-time price
  • No annual subscription fees
  • Android- and IOS-compatible
  • Phones and tablets
  • Customer support via mails and calls
  • Perform extensive search, complete repertorization and remedy differentiation anywhere, without a laptop or computer directly on your mobile phone
  • One-stop integrated repertorization and MM study in the palm of your hands
  • Carry your repertories and important MM books with you anywhere, No internet connection required to access them.
  • A professional tool that places a tremendous, highly diversified program at your fingertips
  • Quick case recording as patients narrate their case (with text to speech feature)
  • Lightning-fast speed- all the responses including major repertorization, major searches are more or less instantaneous
  • Intuitive program that is easy to use- even the freshers in Africa to whom Jeremy Sherr gave the program, were able to use it very comfortably
  • Create your own profile
  • Patient Management System: Create and save patient’s personal information, case history, lab results, repertorization charts, prescriptions, dosage, etc. – free yourself form paperwork. Meets with the global requirements of digitization
  • Attach files as videos, images, and audio recordings- with your patient’s case record- so that, everything is accessible in just one click for future reference


It is easy to navigate through this app, finding symptoms, and converting them to rubrics which will help your practice to reach the next level. It helps students for their academic performance as well as their learning in attempts at solving cases.

For young students, it seems lucrative to opt for a general practice than to explore the big, amazing world of Homeopathy.

But with the right tools, correct guidance, and a zeal to heal, you will surely find more success and contentment after treating your patients with Homeopathy.


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