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Conduct Disorder is a type of Behavioral and Emotional Disorder, seen in around 2–5% in children between 5–12 years and 5–9% in adolescents (between 13–18 years). Considered as most common disruptive behavior disorder in children it affects boys more frequently than girls. Conduct disorder can start in childhood itself or in adolescent age.

While in Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), child or adolescent has problem with any person who holds authority in his life like parents, teachers; in Conduct Disorder it gets more worse where people describe the child as “bad” or “delinquent”.


Symptoms of Conduct Disorder –
  • Aggression
  • Threatening others
  • Bullying
  • Destructiveness/ Vandalism
  • Mean or cruel to others or animals and hurts them
  • Stealing/ Lying/ Cheating/Arson
  • Indulging in forceful sexual activity
  • Violation of rules
  • Running away from house

Behavior of person suffering from Conduct disorder goes against the rules and norm of the society. Such symptoms unless addressed by professional care and treatment in time can lead to adjustment issues in adulthood and holding job and relationships.

The cause of Conduct disorder can be anything like brain damage, genetic disorders, bad childhood, abuse, traumatic experience, deficit in cognitive activity etc.


Homeopathy for Conduct Disorder –

Homeopathy being safe, non addictive and non toxic has wonderful role in children suffering from Conduct Disorder. Homeopathic treatment is based on individualization and hence, Homeopathy treats each child as unique and treatment is specially formulated according to his or needs.

Few Homeopathic medicines for Conduct Disorder –

There are many significant homeopathic remedies for treating Conduct Disorder.


1. Anacardium Orientale

Inferiority complex, worthlessness. Cruelty, cold heartedness.

Delusion of an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other – he is pulled in two directions at once.

Sensations – Blunt plug-like, or band around parts.

All complaints > from eating.


2. Syphilinum

Destructiveness, erosion. Mental and physical breakdown.

Hereditary tendency to alcoholism.

Nocturnal aggravation. Bone pains or destruction. Neuralgias.

Ulcerations or distortions (could be congenital).

Washing mania with fear of infections.


3. Belladonna

Sudden, violent effects. Dryness. bright redness. Burning heat, great pain.

Congestion to head with throbbing of carotids. Sensitive to drafts of cold air.

Pains – throbbing, sharp cutting, shooting. Jerks, spasms.

Dilated pupils. Photophobia. Dry, hot mouth and throat.

Bright red, glossy skin. Jerks during sleep.

Wildly delirious, restless, biting mania.


4. Hyoscyamus

Flamboyant stage of exhibitionism or mania. Loquacious. Jealous. Suspicious.

Sexual minded. Masturbation. Absence of morals. Shamelessness.

Restlessness. Dancing.

Depression or mania after breaking of romantic relationships.



5. Cantharis

Irritation, disposition to fly into a rage. Fits of rage with crying, barking, striking, renewed by the sight of bright, dazzling objects and of water, and by touching the larynx.

Acute mania, generally of a sexual type, amorous frenzy, fiery sexual desire. Sudden loss of consciousness with red face.

Moaning and violent cries, interspersed with barking.

Convulsion and howling like a dog, ending in a stupor.

Constantly attempts to do something but accomplishes nothing.


6. HeparSulph

Peevish, highly impulsive. Impulse to stab or kill.

Anguish in evening and night, with thoughts of suicide.

Irritable and dissatisfied with oneself and others.

Starting on falling asleep.


Fear and dreams of fire. Wants to set things or house on fire. Throws things into fire.


7. Tarentula Hispanica

Moral depravity. Lacks control.

Suddenly changing moods, fancies, or strength.

Crafty, cunning, dishonest, selfish, destructive, destroys whatever she can lay hand on, tears her clothes, etc.

Hateful, throws things away. Malingering.


When attention is directed to her, she begins to twitch, feigns, fainting. Sensibility, but looks sideways to observe the effect on those around her.

Desires to strike herself or others.

Aversion to being touched.

Kleptomania, laughs, mocks run, dances, gesticulates, jokes, cries, sings till hoarse or exhausted.


8. Stramonium

VIOLENCE AND FEAR OF VIOLENCE. A subconscious, dark element. Intense emotions leading to violence; out of control, sudden anger. Can be destructive with striking, biting, tearing, smashing, strangling. Rage and violence, has the capacity to commit murder.


9. Chamomilla

Piteous moaning because child cannot have what he wants.

Child can be quieted only when carried about or petted constantly.

Ugly in behavior, cross, uncivil, quarrelsome.

Snappish, cannot return a civil answer.

Vexed at every trifle.

Anger from pain.

Impatient; intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted when spoken to.

Aversion to being touched or even looked at.

Sensitive to music, noise.


10. Veratrum Album

Hyperactive, restless, disobedient, haughty, rude, critical.

Mania with desire to cut and tear everything, especially clothes.

Mania with livid, lascivious talk, amorous, or religion.

Deceitful, never speaks truth.


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Conduct Disorder Repertory


Zomeo Feature


Repertory Feature


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