‘UTILITY’ feature of Zomeo software – A short tour

Repertory is a tool which enables Homeopathic physician with speed, accuracy and many other clinical gears. Homeopathy is a 200 year medical science which has evolved tremendously with time. Now there is voluminous data of thousands of remedies. Zomeo Homeopathic software has compiled all the data and used the best of technology to make the job of quick and effective prescription possible. Along with repertorization, Hompath Zomeo also provides many useful features. One of the very pragmatic features is ‘UTILITY” section of Zomeo Ultimate. Under subsection this feature enlists-

  1. Patient Instruction
  2. Diet and Nutrition
  3. Mother tincture
  4. Prophylaxis

5. Therapeutics


Only prescription is not plentiful, there are many roles which a homeopathic physician needs to fulfil like giving patient basic instructions, sharing important diet and nutrition tips, etc. This helps in quick recovery of patient and also mentally satisfies patients. All these information can be printed and shared with patients.

Apart from these; features like prophylaxis, mother tincture, therapeutics lends very important knowledge to physician and Homeopathic students.

  1. Patient instructions

You need to select this feature from dropdown of ‘Utility’ tab from upper Menu section. There are 604 conditions listed under this tab where further information is provided on quick information about the condition, symptoms and most important Dos and Don’ts.

Here are some screenshots from Zomeo Ultimate software to illustrate this feature-

UTILITY - Patient instructions

Patient instructions- Do's & Don'ts

This information can also be printed using the print feature given in top right corner of page and shared with patients.

It also gives you quick and vital information and food sources of important nutrients. Below is the glimpse of this efficient feature.

Diet Sources

Diet Source - Zinc

2. Clinical conditions72 clinical conditions has been listed under this feature with details on brief note on description, causes, signs and symptoms, dietary instructions.

Clinical Conditions - Acne

Dietary Management

Utility Feature

3. Mother tincture– Under this utility feature Mother tinctures has been categorized for Internal and External usage. For Internal use 88 conditions have been listed.

Utility Mother Tincture

For external use of mother tincture specification has been given for 88 clinical conditions.

Mother Tincture Clinical Conditions

3. Prophylaxis – For 148 clinical conditions, efficient Homeopathic remedies have been listed under this feature which can be used as preventive. Below includes the snapshot of this feature from dependable Zomeo software.

Utility Feature Prophylaxis

4. Therapeutics– Under this features 2 Homeopathic therapeutics has been listed by Dewey and Samuel Lilienthal. Under Therapeutics by Dewey, 122 clinical conditions have been listed and under homeopathic therapeutics by Lilienthal, 296 clinical conditions have been listed.

Utility Feature Therapeutics

Below one can see therapeutics from Lilienthal’s therapeutics for Colic –

Utility Therapeutics Lilienthal

Utility Therapeutics Lilienthal Sections

And find the expert for Colic from Dewey’s therapeutics-

Dewey’s therapeutics Sections

There are numerous numbers of remedies listed under therapeutics for each condition with all peculiar symptoms.

The above screenshots have been shared using Zomeo Ultimate software. Zomeo software provides 41 repertories with 1300 books on homeopathy, 3200+ homeopathic remedies information, 109 materia medica books. Not only this, there are so many features which are designed to make your practice better.


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