Comparison of Keynotes of Alumina & Bryonia

Alumina & Bryonia are complementary homeopathic remedies which means they share many similar symptoms. Most of the time we ignore the importance of remedy relationships while deciding a prescription. Knowledge of remedy relations can uplift the errors in prescribing. It can be useful when a well-selected remedy fails to act and if its complementary medicine is given unbelievable results can occur.

Alumina & Bryonia

Let us study the similarities and differences of Alumina and Bryonia


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Steps to study comparison of homeopathic remedies in Zomeo:
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Zomeo Alumi

  • Click on Add to Compare from the menu in the upper right side of the window

Zomeo Alum Compare

  • Select the second remedy similar to Step 1, click on Add To Compare and then on Compare.

Zomeo Bry Compare

  • After clicking on Compare, you will get the following comparison window

Zomeo Remedy Compare

  • You can view the information according to headings under Properties and Section

Zomeo Keynotes

Zomeo Remedy

  • As we had studied keynotes of Alumina & Bryonia above, select Keynotes and you will find all the information.

Zomeo Alum Bry Compare

  • You can also add other remedies for comparison by clicking on ‘+’ sign and search for the desired remedy and select it

Zomeo Select Remedy



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