Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium) Salt

Kali or Potassium salt is the normal constituent of tissues and fluids especially muscles. It is also one of the components of nerve cells. There are 40+ remedies in the Kali group that are used for different ailments. But the basic theme or the core of all Kali salts remains the same. So knowledge on Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium) Salts is essential for a successful prescription.

The function of kali is impulse transmission and to maintain the tone of muscle. It is used in Homeopathic materia medica as a different combination of potassium salt.

Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium) Salt

Let’s see a few aspects of Kali group remedies.

Kali person generally is fat chubby, has a dark complexion, heavy built and tendency to obesity.

Dark and unwashed look and worn-out constitution.


Psoric, Sycotic, and Syphilitic miasm

Mental Characteristic
  • All Kalis are hard workers, Man of words; they stick to their own principles and rules. Family oriented.
  • They are forgetful, with mental sluggishness.
  • Kali gets easily angered by trifles.
  • Generally, all kalis are closed and compulsive, rigid and rule-abiding people. For them, everything has to be routine. They do not tolerate new, unexpected things and stick to the norms. They are people of strong principles.
  • Closed and reserved people. They have a tendency to hold on the things which are expressed physically as constipation and difficult labor.
  • Anxiety is felt in the pit of the stomach. Tense person, always anxious.
Physical characteristic
  • Thermal state: All Kalis are chilly except Kali Bi, Kali Ars and Kali Sulph.
  • Modality:
    • Aggravation:  movement
    • Early morning and after midnight between 2-5 am
    • Kali bi– 2 am
    • Kali carb – 3 am
    • Kali Phos – 3 – 5 am
    • Kali Sulph – 6 am
  • Amelioration: From rest, warmth and a plentiful amount of substantial food. 
  • Side affinity: Kali group is affected predominantly on one side- left side, except Kali Carb.

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Physical Particulars
  • Weakness and tiredness- mental and physical
  • Weakness can produce emaciation and withering (kali carb, kali Iod)
  • Weakness associated with a back (kali carb), tendons, joints, and ligaments.
  • The mucous membrane has congestion and inflammation followed by ulceration.

Kali Bichromicum: yellow, profuse, stringy discharges

Kali Iod: Profuse, watery, burning discharges

Kali Phos, Kali Sulph: bloody discharge

  • Kali arrests abnormal secretions causing oedema of eyelids

Kali Sulph: Pulmonary oedema and hydrothorax

Kali Carb: Oedema in lower limbs

  • Convulsions, epilepsy, and chorea
  • Kali has marked action on lungs causing oppressed breathing in bronchitis, pneumonia, and Bronchiactasis.
  • Uric acid diathesis (Caust, Kali Bi).

Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium) Salt is much more than what has been mentioned here.

The webinar on Kali explains the core of kali with respect to 7 dimensions as below:

  • Cause and effect
  • Age
  • Miasm
  • Gender
  • Time
  • Work, family, society
  • Spiritual, intellectual, emotional

Dr. Jawahar Shah has explained in the webinar on Evolutionary Materia Medica of Kali(Potassium), the details on how Kali gets attached to the family, friends, situation, work, society, religion, material objects, money, gadgets, etc.


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