Complete Repertory 2018 in Zomeo Repertory Software

Complete repertory is the world’s leading Homeopathic Repertory and is used by many homeopaths.  The author Roger Van Zandvoort began his work after noticing the lack of information in repertory by Kent and first published it in the year 1996.

Zomeo Repertory software consist the latest Complete Repertory 2018 which has 21st century homeopathic literature.

New additions:

1. The additions comprises from from Karl Stauffer’s Symptomen-Verzeichnis 1929. It includes many smaller remedies (Aqua marina, Calcarea caustica, Vipera beris, Mephites, Natrum nitricum, Picricum acidum etc.)

2. There are new contemporary provings of the following remedies:

  • Morpho menelaus and Sequoiadendron by Hélene Renoux,
  • Crataegus oxyacantha by M Stoschitzky,
  • Acherontia atropos by Evelyn Feltes & O Neuhoefer,
  • Agaricus phalloides by Peter König & D König,
  • Betula alba by Jörg Wichmann,
  • Helix costa by Todd Rowe & Desert Insitute,
  • Astacus fluviatilis by D Drach & F Swoboda.

3. Handwritten Repertory Additions in Kent’s Repertory by Roger Schmidt, Pierre Schmidt’s brother

4. Clinical confirmations were added for the remedies: Eagle, Electricitas, Uranium metallicum and Aqua Hochstein from Hans Eberle & Friedrich Ritzer.

5. Provings and cases for specific remedies: Falco peregrinus, Astacus and Mandragora

There are 43 chapters in the repertory.

The chapters as follows:Complete Repertory

  1. Mind
  2. Vertigo
  3. Head
  4. Eyes
  5. Vision
  6. Ear
  7. Hearing
  8. Nose
  9. Smell
  10. Face
  11. Mouth
  12. Taste
  13. Teeth
  14. Throat
  15. Neck
  16. Stomach
  17. Abdomen
  18. Rectum
  19. Stool
  20. Bladder
  21. Kidneys
  22. Urethra
  23. Urine
  24. Male genitalia
  25. Female genitalia
  26. Larynx and trachea
  27. Speech and voice
  28. Respiration
  29. Cough
  30. Expectoration
  31. Chest
  32. Heart & Circulation
  33. Blood
  34. Back
  35. Extremities
  36. Sleep
  37. Chill, Chilliness
  38. Fever, Heat
  39. Perspiration
  40. Skin
  41. Generalities
  42. Clinical
  43. Mirilli’s Themes


Rubric arrangement in Complete Repertory 2018:

The rubrics in each chapter are arranged from:

  • General rubrics
  • Sides(one sided, left, right)
  • Time
  • Modalities, concomitants
  • Extending to
  • Location
  • SensationRubric arrangement

Gradation of remedies in Complete Repertory:

There are 4 Grades used in the repertory:


2nd Grade: Bold in red

3rd Grade: Italics in blue

4th Grade: Normal

There are over 231294 rubrics, more than 2540 remedies in the repertory which is perfect for professionals in daily clinical practice. The latest edition of Complete repertory 2018 in Zomeo Homeopathic software consists of Updated remedy classification in Kingdoms & Families chapter Elements, New proven remedies.



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