Materia Medica in Zomeo Homeopathic Software

Homeopathic Materia Medica is a guide to homeopathic medicines which describes all the ingredients present in a remedy along with the symptoms. There are over 3000 remedies in homeopathy. How well can you remember the entire data especially when the time comes for prescribing the medicine while the patient is in front of you?

Zomeo homeopathic software consist the entire data of the remedies right from its common name, remedy properties, proving, symptoms to remedy relationship. An additional benefit of this homeopathic software is the availability of cases wherein the remedy is prescribed to give desirable results.

Materia Medica feature allows you to open and read any remedy from the collection of Materia Medica books.

Materia Medica in Zomeo

When you choose ‘Read’ from the drop down menu, a window opens displaying various list of books categorized under titles – Remedy, Book, Author and Selected Materia Medica.

Read materia medica

  1. Remedy:

The list of remedies are arranged in alphabetical order, whose Materia Medica can be read from any desired Materia Medica book available in the software. There are about 1947 remedies present in the remedy list. To view Materia Medica of a desired remedy, click on it or enter the initials in the Search text box. E.g. If you want to read Belladona, click on ‘Bell’ from the list.


. You can select any book for the remedy from the drop down menu on the top.

You can also go to another section of the remedy by selecting it from drop down menu of ‘Section’.


  1. Books:

This category provides an entire list of Materia Medica books present in the software. There are about 112 books present in the book list. To view Materia Medica from a particular book, click on the book name from the list or enter one of the words in the Search text box to search for it. A list of drugs present in that book is present in the drop down box on the top.


If you want to read a particular section of the remedy, it can also be selected from drop down box of ‘Section’.

  1. Author:

This category provides a list of all authors whose Materia Medica books are incorporated in the software. To read Materia Medica of a particular author, you can type the author’s name in the ‘Search’ text field or you can use the scroll down button to view and select different author names. On selecting a particular author, their respective books are displayed below the author’s name.


  1. Selected Remedies: This category displays a list of previously selected drugs for study. To form list of drugs for study- Click on the desired drugs from the remedy list category and click on ‘Add’ button. Continue the same to add more remedies to the list of selected drugs. To delete any single remedy from the ‘Selected Remedies’ list, highlight the remedy and then click on the ‘Clear’ button. ‘Clear all’ allows you to delete/ reset all remedies from the ‘Selected Remedies’ list.

COMPARE: This feature allows you to compare specific sections of remedies so that detailed study of differentiation of drugs can be made simpler. Select remedies from remedy list and add it to the ‘Selected Remedies’ list. Say we select ‘Belladona’ and ‘Aconite, add them to ‘Selected Remedies’ list.

From the Selected Remedy list select the two remedies you want to compare. Then click on ‘Compare’.


SECTIONS: ‘Sections’ helps to change different sections of the selected remedies and then compare them at the level of the selected section. Use the drop down button to view various sections available for the drug. You can even change the drug by using the drop down menu above both the columns.



This feature allows you to listen to the selected Materia Medica text.


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