Patient Management System in Homeopathic Software

What is the first thing you have been taught while case taking? Preliminary data is the vital information to be noted down before starting with the chief complaints of the patient when he comes first time. Zomeo homeopathic software has a unique patient management system allowing you to store all the data of the patient at one place.

To enter the details of new patient, select ‘Patient’ module from the main menu and then ‘New Patient.’

Patient Management System

Patient module helps you to store the preliminary data of a patient and help you to record the basic details of registration such as Date of visit, Time of visit, Patient’s Name, Gender, Patient’s Occupation, Religion, Marital Status, Insurance details, etc.

Registration Information

A Patient Card for the new patient can be created as a Patient ID card which contains certain basic information about the preliminaries of the patient.Patient Card

After entering the basic details, click on ‘Save’ to save the new patient details in each section of the new patient registration form. Now you can start with the case record.

What is the toughest task when patients come for follow up in your daily practice? To find the previously recorded case. Zomeo repertory software allows you to see the entire list of the patients at one glance.

From the Menu bar, click on ‘Patient’ module and then click on ‘Recent’ patient. This feature displays list of all the patient records opened/selected in the last session. Click on the desired patient, from this list to access all the details of the selected patient.

‘Patient list’ displays a list of all the saved patient details. Click on the desired patient, from this list to access all the details of the selected patient. You can use this feature to select patients when you want to access the previously recorded rubrics, previous repertorisation tables or graphs, Repertorize patient symptoms for current date, Modify patient particulars, Hide details of a particular patient.

Patient List

The benefit of the homeopathic software doesn’t end here. Zomeo has one of its kind ‘Follow-up’ features, easy to record the symptoms and prescribe.

Select ‘Follow-Up’ from the case-taking section.

This feature allows you to view and record the follow-up details of all patients. Select a patient for viewing or recording the follow-up of a particular patient. It shows various follow-up details in a list such as Date of visit, Complaints, Remedy given, Remedy Type, Potency, Repetition, Dosage, Remedy Response, etc.

Examination findings and investigation details can be recorded by clicking on ‘Examination’ and ‘Investigation’ buttons respectively.Follow-up

‘Potency Selector’ helps to decide the potency of a patient with the help of parameters such as Age, Occupation, Sensitivity, Mental State, Generals of the patient, etc.

Potency Selector

If you fear what if you lose the vital information of the patient? You need not worry about the same. Auto Backup feature automatically takes back-up of patient data and physician data to the default folder or to the folder of your choice. The back-up is taken according to the frequency selected such as daily, weekly or monthly.



Maintain paperless records of patients in one place with Zomeo homeopathic software. Data stays secure with you all the time!

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