Confirm Final Remedy for Prescription using Zomeo Software

Zomeo Homeopathic software has brilliant features aiding homeopaths to achieve remarkable success in clinical practice. We have solved cases using zomeo features such as: repertory module, quick case record, internal search in repertories, and application of filters to name a few.

Here we shall solve a case using the homeopathic software and arriving at repertorisation sheet. The most difficult task is to select the final remedy for prescription.

Case: A middle-aged man was advised to undergo surgery for his large sized kidney stone. He complained of right sided colic. There was prominent hot thermal state.

Totality of symptoms:

  • Renal calculi on right side
  • Pain on right side kidney
  • Calculi formation
  • Affection of right kidney

Considering the totality following rubrics were selected and the case was repertorised.

Repertory Sheet


You can sort the remedies according to the totality, A to Z, Z to A, symptoms covered by the remedies. These features avoid the chance of missing important remedies in the case.


This method of sorting helps us to view remedies which cover the entire symptom totality and thus helps us arrive to a group of remedies for easier prescription. You can also sort remedies by clicking on ‘Remedy Name’, Totality’ and ‘Symptom Covered’ from the repertorisation table.

Now we had the difficult task to choose one remedy from 112. We applied remedy property filter as the thermal state was prominent in the case.


After application of filter, you can see the 112 remedies reduced to 18.

This helps in narrowing down to few remedies and now we have to select the appropriate remedy. The final selection of remedy in homeopath depends on confirmation in materia medica. When you click on the remedy in repertorisation sheet, the remedy tools module in the main menu gets highlighted. It contains remedy information with respect to its keynotes, property, relationship, materia medica books, cases where the remedy is prescribed and clinical tip associated with it.

Remedy Tools

You can also get the remedy information by right click on the remedy.

To confirm the remedy we select Materia Medica to read about the remedy Lycopodium in detail. This section helps to view the Material Medica of any desired drug from the Material Medica book of your choice.

Materia Medica

We selected the materia medica book – Concise materia medica of homeopathic remedies by S.R.Phatak and Lycopodium was prescribed. The stone came out easily with no complications and no surgery was required.

Materia Medica Lycopodium

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