Analyze, Repertorise and Use Repertorisation Tools in Zomeo Software

You have a well taken case with PQRS symptoms and selected the rubrics using the repertory module of Zomeo Homeopathic software. Once you arrive at the repertorisation table, the major task of selecting the final remedy starts. Read on to know how Zomeo software intelligently comes with the similimum by application of filters from hundreds of remedies to few.


Mr. T. Thomas, 71 years, owner of a multinational company reported with cervical Spondylosis. He had taken all physiotherapy and modern medicines with no relief in 2 months.

He had gone to inspect a factory taken over by a French company and as it was a cement factory he had sudden coughing and all problems started since then.

Pain started suddenly on left side of arm. Doctors thought it could be cardiac so all tests were done which were negative.

Pain from cervical region extending to the scapula and goes into the hand. Dull pain + +  < movement ++. Pain is better by bending head backward. Pain is better by hot water bag.

There was knee pain also on left side, has to support knees. He also had history of hernia again started on left side gone to right side.

Cravings– sweets, Ice cream, Non Veg. Loves salt ++, adds extra salt + to the food.

Generals were normal.

Can’t bear fast fan.

< Draft of air.

Aversion – Sun.

His hobbies were work, golf, travel. He had very limited friend circle, was all the time busy with business, all time thinks of money. Angry ++. Expresses his anger if something is wrong. More close to daughter than son, cannot get along well with son. Work is never a stress. Doesn’t worry at all for work. Keep on working 20 hours a day even at this age. He had no emotions, what so ever. He was all the time working, he could work 18/20 hours and still doesn’t get tired.

Find out how analyzing the case using Zomeo software, a similimum was prescribed which gave incredible result in this patient.

Totality of the symptoms:

  1. Exposure to sun, aggravates
  2. Draft of air, aggravates
  3. Industrious
  4. Anger

We recorded all the rubrics from the repertory module in Zomeo software to analyze the case. The final step after repertorising the case is arriving at Repertorisation table.

Recorded Rubrics


This enables you to view all the recorded symptoms along with their list of remedies.

The display of this feature has been divided into two sides, the left side displays the recorded symptoms. The right side displays the list of remedies for each symptom. From this screen, a wide variety of options are available, for e.g.: on right click on any rubric, we can search the same rubric from all repertories, open same rubric in repertory, view its cross references, themes, etc.


These help you to narrow down the vast number of remedies in the repertorisation to few. The tool we used in this case is filters.


These appear at bottom of the window on opening Quick Repertorisation window. You can filter the remedies according to remedy mark, author, remedy property, mineral, group, temperament.

We used remedy property filter where we considered the property of hot thermal state and left side.

Remedy Filter

Click on ‘OK’ to apply the filter and include remedies only which have these basic properties. You will return back to the repertorisation table which includes applied ‘Remedy property Filter’.

Look out how from 558 remedies reduces to 38 remedies after application of the filter.



Lachesis stood at the top which represented the case perfectly and the patient was given the same.

Lachesis produced desired results and the patient was relieved from his pain and never suffered from any major sickness.



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