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Our repertory is full of countless rubrics, but when a patient comes to us, we fumble in our rubric hunting. There are so many rubrics that are similar in meaning, we get baffled while making choices. Through the following series of blogs, we try to understand, the meaning and differences between the rubrics. In this blog, let us see NAIVE & CREDULOUS.


Let us have a look at the word meaning and synonyms from Hompath Zomeo

NAIVE - Word Meaning

NAIVE - Synonyms

  • Naive People are the ones who lack experience. They are simple people who expect things to be very easy and expect others to be honest and kind.
  • Someone naïve, believes that things are much less complicated, or dangerous than they are. A person, who is not well versed in the situation. He cannot understand the complexities or seriousness of the situation.
  • For example, kids are generally naïve. As parents, we often want certain things to get done by them, say getting them to behave properly or have their meals. We often cook up stories that they believe, but they learn eventually that these stories are not true.
  • They learn with experience and intelligence, and hence they are naïve.
  • In simple words, they just lack experience, but they are not foolish. They are genuine, innocent, non-suspicious, and undoubting, with natural simplicity.
  • When a doctor gives them a certain piece of information in their clinic or advice, they believe at once; but they will also ensure to confirm this with others just to be sure. They cannot be fooled.
  • Prominent remedies in Complete Repertory with rubric Naïve are, Bell, Chin, Falco-p, Hyos, Stram, Sulph



Let us have a look at the word meaning from Hompath Zomeo


  • Patients believe in everyone. They are too ready to believe what people tell them without evidence. They listen to everything to a
  • You will come across many patients who have tried their stints at home remedies. For example, if a patient is suffering from eczema, and someone tells him, that applying lemon juice with honey will cure it; they will try this quick-fix idea for months on end until some other person urges him to see a good doctor.
  • A lot many patients who visit quacks, are credulous and are easily fooled by these charlatans.
  • A credulous person will not learn from experience and blindly follows anything that has been suggested or told.
  • Prominent remedies here are Arg Nit, Baryta carb, Bell, Puls, Staph

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Naive & Credulous Disposition-

Naive is once fooled, alert next time; Credulous can be fooled many times. But again, these remedies should be differentiated according to their core personalities, and how these rubrics fit in their constitutions.

In Hompath Zomeo, you will find many such fascinating rubrics that can be used every day in your clinic. Zomeo gives quick access to cross-references and meanings of rubrics. It is very easy to repertorize a case with ZOMEO if you are willing to learn and explore more.

So, learning rubrics in Homeopathy can be quite complicated, yet very interesting if we go to the depth of each remedy. In the upcoming blogs, we will try to decode new meanings of new rubrics.

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