Fear and Phobias in Homeopathy Repertory

Fear and Phobias are defined as any unpleasant emotion or thought that occur when one is frightened or worried in any dangerous circumstances. The fear may arise due to trauma or bad experiences. It is a vital response of our body to protect against impending threat. It keeps us alert and triggers the fight or flight response.


Fear of long standing can hamper daily life of an individual and affects mental health and well-being. Phobia is used to define a fear due to a specific trigger. Example: dark, being alone, insects, heights, etc. Homeopathy is capable of resolving this emotional trauma. Homeopathic repertory has the biggest section of rubrics on fear.

Let us study few rubrics and homeopathic remedies on fear and its corresponding phobias in Homeopathic Repertory in Zomeo Homeopathic Software.

Fear of dark: Nyctophobia


Cannabis indica: FEAR that he should become insane; Fear of DARKNESS; of approaching death.

Stramonium: Fear causes hallucinations especially in the DARK where one thinks one is surrounded by black insects, or by small dark colored animals.

Fear of dog: Cynophobia


Chin: Anxiety in morning on waking. Excessively anxious about trifles. Oversensitive to noise. Fearful and apprehensive. FEAR of DOGS and other animals, at night.

Fear of crowd: Agoraphobia


Aconite: Fear of death; of CROWDS; of going out. Anything, always fearful.

Fear of hospitals: Nosocomephobia

NosocomephobiaFear of pregnancy or childbirth: Tocophobia

TocophobiaFear of definite disease: Monopathophobia


Lil-t: FEARS being alone, of insanity; of HEART DISEASE; fears she is incurable; some impending calamity or DISEASE.

Spongia: Terror and FEAR: of approaching death; that she will die of suffocation; with HEART DISEASE; with whooping cough; with the heat; with the sweat.

Fear of death or dead things: Necrophobia

NecrophobiaFear of dreams: Oneirophobia


Nux-v: FEAR of sleeping; frightful DREAMS; irritable humor and hypochondriasis.

Fear of suffering and disease: Panthophobia


Lil-t: Depression of spirits; and inclination to weep, with apprehension of SUFFERING from some terrible internal disease.

Syph: Terrible dread of night, not on account of cough so much as on account of mental and physical exhaustion when she awakes; it is intolerable, death is preferable; she FEARS to prepare for night and is positively in abject FEAR of SUFFERING.

Fear of snakes: Ophidiophobia


Lac-c: FEAR and anxiety that some horrible disease has come upon her, a delusion that she was suppurating and in a loathsome state; infested with SNAKES.


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