Understanding rubric: Indifference & Important Homeopathic Remedies

Definition of Indifference:

Lack of concern, carelessness, neutrality of mind between person or things. When a person should have affection for his family members but when there is change in situations he has no desire to talk to them or does not wish to hear about them.

Understanding of the rubric: Indifference and Important Homeopathic Remedies

Synonyms for indifference:

  • Apathy
  • Asks for nothing
  • Aversion, everything to
  • Carelessness
  • Coldness
  • Disregard
  • Heedlessness
  • Listlessness
  • Pleasure, nothing in
  • Sensitive, want of sensitiveness

Homeopathic Remedies with Indifference:

Agnus Castus: Extremely peevish and obstinate. The person opposes the wishes of other people. Everything is offensive to her; she desires nothing but to quarrel and make a fuss. The person is greatly excited, over fatigued, and nevertheless discontented as if not enough had been done. There is great INDIFFERENCE with frequent change of mood.

Cina: Cina is extremely irritable and shows temper-tantrums by throwing things, being capricious. The person is aversion to touch and indifference to being caressed. Demands many things but doesn’t know what he wants exactly.

Kali-c: The patient is excessively peevish and is easily startled. The intellect is seriously impaired and the patient doesn’t care for anything. This apathy, indifference is along with great bodily exhaustion. Doesn’t know what to say or wants.

Phosphorus: The patient is usually emotional, loving, sympathetic and caring in nature. But becomes easily excited, anxious, fearful and restless. Then there is a phase of indifference, apathy, weakness of memory and dullness of senses. The indifference is especially towards loved ones because he does not get the love and attention he wants from family members hence seeks it by making lot of friends.

Sepia: The main feeling of the person is being dominated and not allowed to undertake things she wants to. She is forced to do things despite of her will. This makes her to feel unfortunate. Even though she feels dominated, she tries her best to fulfil the demands of her husband and children.  There is continuous strenuous of keeping them happy and then she slowly becomes indifferent to the loved ones.

Homeopathic remedies who are indifferent to loved one:

Homeopathic Remedies with Indifference

Linking rubrics with Indifference in Homeopathic Repertory:

Linking rubrics with Indifference in Homeopathic Repertory

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