Acid Group of Remedies: Characteristic Symptoms that you need to learn!

We have 37 acids that we use in our Homeopathic clinical practice. Let’s explore what’s common about all of the acid remedies and learn a little more about a few of them.To understand the action of Acid remedies in Homeopathy, let us first understand the basic principles of acids and their mode of action. Their basic features include being sour in taste, corrosiveby nature, and good conductors of electricity.

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Acid Remedies

General characteristic features of Acid groups:
  1. Acids produce weakness, debility & prostration:

    The mineral acids produce irritability of fibre together with weakness and prostration. And the vegetable acids produce weakness without irritability. This is not a simple functional weakness, but it is a debility that arises from defective nutrition, particularly from a blood disease.

  2. Acids check hemorrhages:

    Acet Ac, Citric Ac, Phos Ac, Ars Ac

  3. Tendency to produce pseudo-membranes:

    So some of them are indicated in diphtheria- MURIATIC, PHOSPHORIC, SULPHURIC, AND NITRIC ACIDS.

  4. Over sensitivity:

    Acids are quick at reacting and have rapid chemistries. They are usually hyperactive as well except in cases of debility and states of weakness. This extends to their mental sphere too.

  5. Halitosis:

    Since they are syphilitic remedies, internal breakdown, and disintegration leads to a state of destruction which causes a bad odour accompanying almost all acid remedies.

  6. Burning Sensation:

    Acids on reaction tend to burn. So, this sensation accompanies complaints in these remedies.

  7. Thirst for Cold Water:

    There is a persistent thirst for cold water throughout the remedies, perhaps to counter the acidic nature of their constitution

  8. Indicated in Diabetes Mellitus:

    The acid group makes good remedies for Diabetes Mellitus as they have a common theme of destruction (of pancreas included) and a common symptom of an increase in urination, increased thirst, and lack of proper assimilation of food causing ailments and weakness.

  9. Nausea or Water brash:

    The Stomach produces gastric acid which naturally gets amplified, resulting in acidity and water brash along with a tendency to ulceration.

  10. Heat Aggravation:

    Acids on reaction produce burning and scarring, this requires heat to be given off. Acidic remedies are usually hot, such as Acidum Aceticum, Acidum Fluoricum, etc. Acid Phosphoricum is a chilly remedy as its complaints arise from a loss of vital fluids.

  11. Rheumatism:

    It is a result of the destruction of the synovial fluid between the joints or erosion of bony structures, conditions that are results of syphilitic constitutions.

  12. Desire for Stimulants:

    There is a desire for alcohol or tea or coffee or for smoking but mostly these are intolerable.

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Group symptoms

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