Homeopathy for Last-Aid: Carbo Veg, Ars Alb & Muriatic Acid

When there is no hope, what should we do? Can we heal into the last stages of a patient with our Homeopathy clinical practice? Or should they be just left at the hands of contemporary medicine, allowing them to suffer, until their time comes?

Often, patients are diagnosed with a terminal illness, which has no scope or hope left in conventional medicine, and all that remains is life-support and ventilators. Does Homeopathy have an answer? Can Homeopaths intervene to ease this stage of life? Can Homeopathy offer a last-aid? Indeed, yes! After a correct administration of Homeopathy medicine, the first thing a patient should feel is intrinsic satisfaction, contentment, and a form of mental peace, which allows the body to take its natural course as destined.

Many Homeopathy medicines are used when the patients are in the ICUs, ICCUs, are on ventilators or life-support, but let’s talk about Nash’s trios of Last Aid-Carbo Veg, Ars Alb, and Muriatic Acid.

Let us use the Hompath Zomeo to study the Materia Medica of these remedies.

  • Carbo Vegetalis: ‘the corpse reviver.’ “Carbo veg given in extreme cases either saves the patient or allows them to die easily.” (S. Close)
  • Debilitated and collapsed states (can restore vital force like Ant-t, Laur.) Weakness due to organic pathology in the lungs, heart, and liver. CHF.
  • For he who is covered with a cold sweat, there is one fanning him, the abdomen is distended with flatus, and the breath is cold Carbo veg. in water every hour for six hours, and stopped, will give rest and beatitude with many thanks.”(JT Kent)
  • Respiratory indications. The patient with dyspnea must have air with the windows open and being fanned. > sitting upright.
  • Face blue, bloating in the distended abdomen. Collapsed, cold states with stasis. Prior to the collapse, much belching and desire to be fanned. Complete collapse with a blue, icy cold body and fear of darkness and ghosts. The patient is almost lifeless, but their head is hot. Breath is cold. The pulse is very weak, and the respiration quickens. Face cold, blue, pale, covered with cold sweat (Tab.).

“When the ghastliness of the picture has not changed, and to it, we have added the pains of dying cells–death pains, the last suffering. Such pains come on when mortification begins. Vital surfaces are nearly exhausted, cold surface, especially below knees to feet, lies as if dead, breath cool, pulse intermittent, thready, cold sweat on limbs.

Carbo Veg

Arsenic Alb:
  • A “friend of the dying”. Kent writes, “Gives quiet and ease to the last moments of life when given in high potency.”
  • Anxiety, restlessness, prostration & fear of being alone. Suspiciousness. Obsessive and ritualistic. Fear of death. Religious insanity with the delusion that he has sinned away his day of grace.
  • When alone, he falls to thinking about disease and other things, which he can scarcely keep out of his mind. Fears something may have happened to his relatives. Thoughts of death and the incurability of his complaint. Thinks he must die.
  • Cancerous inoculation. A tendency toward malignancy.
  • Delusions that he sees all kinds of vermin on his bed, throws handfuls of them away and tries to escape from them. He imagines that he sees burglars in his room (avarice and fear of poverty). Picking of bedclothes.
  • Fear of being left alone. Dread of death when alone, or on going to bed. Anxiety and restlessness, worse after midnight. Cannot rest in any place, changing his position continually. Anxiety and restlessness go towards prostration and eventually appear like a cadaver.

Very chilly, < cold. Burning sensations, > heat. Thirsty for frequent, small sips of water.

Homeopathy for Last-Aid

Muriatic Acid:
  • Patient remains in a deep, stupid sleep, or is unconscious while awake; there is loud moaning or muttering.
  • The tongue is dry, shrunken, and leathery, and may have a slight coating; the stools are fetid, and frequently involuntary while passing urine; the patient is so weak that he slides down to the foot of the bed.
  • It is of service in malignant affections of the mouth and throat, like cases of scarlatina, cancer, and diphtheria when the secondary septic condition is paramount. The mucous membrane is studded with ulcers, which are deep and perforating and have a black or dark base. The breath is foul and offensive.
  • Intense PROSTRATION so that the lower jaw drops down and he slides down in bed and the eyes close as soon as he slides down; also diarrhea in which the stool passes involuntarily while urinating; he cannot urinate without having the bowels move at the same time.

Adapted to weak states of the body with disorganization of the blood, characterized especially by great muscular prostration, such states as occur in low fevers, continued fevers where there is extreme prostration, like typhoid fever, and low types of remittent fever.

Muriatic Acid

The human life that we have been bestowed upon is indeed a gift to be cherished, enjoyed, and protected for as long as we can. Life should be as joyful as it should be in its childhood to the time a person is nearing the end stage of life.

Homeopathy has this subtle dynamic power to improve a person when there is no hope left. Homeopathy as a Last Aid has been able to revive many patients back to life.

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