The remedy Elaps Corralinus is prepared from a Brazilian coral snake that has yellow, black, and red stripes. Coral snakes are shy and secretive creatures. They prefer to hide rather than be seen. Coral snakes are tolerant of touch until they feel restrained.

They are not aggressive or prone to biting. But when they do bite, their venom can be deadly, and poisonous. Coral venom is neurotoxic and acts on the nerves, especially the eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Prominent mental symptoms that our stalwarts describe are as follows:

  • Depressed; imagines he hears someone talking; dreads to be left alone. Fear of rain. Can speak, but cannot understand speech. Fears apoplexy.
  • Absence of mind, imagines he hears someone talking.
  • Depression of spirits, and desire for solitude.
  • Fearful and apprehensive of some fatal disease.
  • Fear of being left alone, as if something horrible might happen; horror of rain.
  • Angry about one’s self, does not wish to be spoken to.
  • Quarrelsome: – Inclination to strike and pick a quarrel; from behavior of others.
  • Disputation, temper tantrum.
  • At least contraindications the body shivers and the blood boils.
  • Hysterical remedy: – even bite himself in hysteria crises.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, describes Elaps beautifully as follows:

“Elaps is the coral snake. It has features common to the snake group of remedies, like loquacity, jealousy, egotism, deceit, venomous disposition, etc.

I have usually identified Elaps by its very strong physical cravings/concomitants, for example the desire for bananas (my observation), oranges, salads, sweetened buttermilk (in India, a yoghurt drink called Lassi), ice, sweet, sour, milk. Its other symptoms which I have repeatedly confirmed is the burning pain in oesophagus and stomach, commonly described by the patient as acidity which is ameliorated by cold drinks the cold drink can be felt descending from oesophagus down to the stomach, where it feels quite cold. Also the pain is ameliorated by lying on abdomen. This cold sensation descending down the oesophagus and settling in the stomach is unique to Elaps.”

Elaps Corralinus

Physical Symptoms:

Elaps Corralinus, as a remedy seriously affects the auditory, nasal, and throat passages, and is consequently curative in many affections of those regions. Thus, for example, we use it in chronic otorrhoea when accompanied by deafness. The patient complains of constant buzzing in the ear as if a fly were imprisoned in the auditory meatus. He is also subject to epistaxis and eruptions about the nose and the face.

This is a grand remedy for ozaena. The nose reels stopped up and occasionally emit a foul smell. This is accompanied by chronic pharyngitis. The posterior wall of the throat is found to be covered with a dry greenish-yellow membrane, wrinkled and fissured, extending to the nares. Occasionally portions of this membrane are expelled through the nose or the throat leaving an angry raw surface. Deglutition is extremely painful.,

All the discharges of this remedy are black, and this is so prominent that we can call this a characteristic symptom. Thus, in the epistaxis the blood is black. The blood from the uterus is dark-colored too. Even the wax from the ear is dark.

Elaps is a capital remedy for uterine cancer. The flow of dark-colored blood, in these cases, is so very free that the patient becomes severely prostrated. She feels as if something had burst in the womb, and there follows a continuous stream of dark fluid blood. This extreme hemorrhage gives them a pale, haggard, cachectic look.

Let’s have a look at some of the guiding symptoms of Elaps from Hompath Zomeo!

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Confirmatory symptoms as mentioned in Hompath Zomeo are:

  1. Fear of rain
  2. Black discharges, especially blood.
  3. Right-sided paralysis, right side feels weak, insensible or paralyzed
  4. Sensation of internal coldness in the chest, and stomach < after cold drinks.
  5. Cold things disagree
  6. Craving for sweetened butter milk.
Modalities of Elaps:

Aggravations: Approach of storms, Night, Cold drinks/food/air, In the room, Dampness, Touch, warmth of bed, Fruits

Ameliorations: Rest, Walking

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