A Case of Breathlessness

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

A young girl of 16 years sees an accident. Since that day, suddenly she feels breathless. As soon as she thinks about the accident, she starts sighing.

On auscultation, there are hardly any abnormal sounds. The doctors are puzzled. They say there is nothing wrong.

If there is nothing wrong, why is this young girl suffering?

Case Solution:

On finding the perfect Simillimum; right potency and right repetition we get, Ignatia 30, 2 pills sos.

Follow Up:
Patient felt much better after few Doses of Ignatia 30, 2 pills sos. She is requested to stop the medicine when she is better.


  • Complete and deep understanding of a drug
  • It is important to know the causative factor of diseases

Case solution for A Case of Breathlessness

This case demonstrates how even a short case with paucity of symptoms can be cured with Homoeopathy.

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