A Case of Psoriasis

Author: Dr. Jawahar ShahThis week let us see a remarkable case of treated with Homoeopathy.
Mr. S. Dutt, 38 yrs old, had done C.A. and C.S. (Company Secretary) course. His Designation was as Area Finance Controller in one of the biggest hotel chains. He complained of Psoriasis on elbow & scalp.He Has had this problem for about 10 years. It started when he was to appear for his C.A. Exam. Began with the scalp and now it has spread to his chest & armpits.
It itches a lot when he lies down, before sleep, after scratching. Dry scales comes out and scratching causes bleeding. The trouble has increased since he came to Bombay.

His hobbies are collecting plants.

Past History:

  • Bleeding piles
  • Diabetes

Family History:

  • One Sister healthy
  • Two daughters healthy

Personal History:

  • App – N
  • Cr – Spicy+, non-veg, fish+
  • Av – Sweets, eggs
  • Thirst – Thirsty++, 4/5 glasses per day
  • Graying hair 6-7 yrs back
  • Stool – He also has constipation and passes stool once in 2/3 days. Very hard stool
  • Urine – Normal
  • Perspiration – Not staining
  • Sleep – Sound
  • Dreams – Insecurity at work
  • Thermals – Does not like covering
  • Wants A.C. all the time

Life Situation:
The patient has been out of Calcutta. Parents are in Calcutta. Sister is a divorcee. He has Job tension+. He is on a transferable job, has stayed in Calcutta, Aurangabad, Jaipur and now in Bombay.

He gets Irritated easily, angry, shouts. He never becomes violent and takes revenge in a non-violent way. He had a lot of tension as a child, father and mother were not getting along well with each other. Although they stayed together, there was a lot of difference of opinion. He has been gradually promoted to this position but he has a lot of tension along the way. He has anticipation ++ at the start, emotional, sensitive+.

He gets upset and frustrated very easily. He likes to be alone. Has had a love marriage. Wife is of a different community. Although he has been under my treatment over a year he has still not brought his wife along even once.

Spends+, sympathetic.

On Examination:

  • Psoriatic eruptions on scalp, elbow, chest and back
  • Graying of hair +3
  • Weight. 87Kg
  • B.P.130/90 mm Hg

Please share your views. What could be the prescription? He started improving immediately after the administration of the remedy. He cured completely with Homoeopathic treatment.

Case Solution:

On repertorisation, we get Kali-ars as remedy covering maximum totality.

31 /1/93:

  1. Kali-ars (6) 8 PN 4/week
  2. SL 1-1-1 x 7 days

The reason for giving Kali is for its anxiety and possessiveness, they do
not part with any materials or persons in their life.
A role of synthetic prescribing Anxiety & attachment of Kali.
Skin involvement of Arsenic.

February 6, 1993
> nervousness
During the speech or the presentation feels, choked difficult frightened at start.
Treatment: ct all x 7 days

February 16, 1993
> +
Treatment: ct all

March 3, 1993
> +++
Treatment: ct all

July 19, 1993
trouble ++

  1. kali-ars 30 8 PN 4/week
  2. SL 1-1-1 X 15 days

August 1, 1993
< +itching +3
< monsoon
< damp > dry weather chilly
Treatment: placebo

April 19, 1994

  1. kali ars (30)
  2. SL 1-1-1 x 15 days
  3. SL pills 4 hrly

Now only small spots remaining. Anxiety is less. Confidence +++ there is no major problem next 6 months only few doses of kali ars no trouble or recurrence of psoriasis.

Never change the potency if previous potency is working.
Guarded and careful repetition is advised to avoid symptomatic aggravation in case of psoriasis.
If psoriasis gets aggravated it will be difficult to manage and Patient will leave Homoeopathic treatment half way.
This case establishes a clear relationship between Mind and Body.

This case demonstrates how even a difficult case like Vitiligo can be cured completely by Homoeopathy.

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