A Case of Neurofibroma

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

This week let us see an astonishing case of Neurofibroma treated with Homoeopathy.


Case History:
Chief Complaint:
A forty-year-old illiterate village woman came with severe neurofibroma – multiple small growths all over her body. She had the growths since 7 years and they were growing in numbers as well as in size.

Associated Complaint:
She had marked burning of the skin. As soon as she went into the sun, she would develop marked burning all over.

Life History:
She could hardly speak or understand any language. Her husband did not like this and threatened divorce saying that she looked like a witch. The only alternative for her was to commit suicide. Many doctors said nothing could be done. She was an ordinary laborer, working as a stone breaker for a road construction company in the village. She was a very simple patient without any demand.

Other than this, not many symptoms could be elicited from her. Therefore, it was a challenging case to treat.

Case Solution:

Medicine Selected:

0/3 or LM3 one dose every morning


First Month:
Within 1 month the new growths stopped.

Second Month:
The old one started falling off.

Third Month:
At the end of 3rd month all of them disappeared.
She became normal and happy Homeopathy saved her life and marriage. Homeopathic medicine was prescribed on the basis of miasm and paucity of symptoms.
Even certain incurable conditions like neurofibroma can be helped with homeopathic medicine.

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