A Case of Cholelithiasis

Author: Dr. Girish Gupta

This week let us see an amazing case of cholelithiasis treated with Homoeopathy.

Case History:
Mr S.K., a twenty year old gentle boy from Faizabad on 31-01-2012 (Reg.No.S-06144) presented himself at Gaurang clinic and Centre for Homoeopathic Research, Lucknow for the treatment of mild pain in right hypochondriac region with flatulence & distension of whole abdomen ameliorated by pressure since four days. History of almost similar type of severe pain one month back. He took pain killers & antibiotic. Patient was registered as a case of cholelithiasis (GB-3842) on the basis of ultrasonography of whole abdomen dated 28-01-2012 s/o single G.B. calculus measuring >10 mm.

Clinical Findings:
Murphy’s sign present.

Past History:
H/o Skin disease suppression by applying B-tex ointment in groins 2month back.

Family History:
Mother died 3 months ago. (Cause not known)

Initial Ultrasonography Report (28/01/2012):
Gall bladder partially filled with fluid and at least single stone of more than 1 cm (10mm) is seen. G.B. wall is 4.0 mm thick.

USP Report

Liver Function Test (31/01/2012):
SGPT-59.15↑, SGOT-51.46↑, SAP-296↑and S.Bilirubin-0.69

USP Report2

Case Solution:

The following rubrics were taken.

Rubrics Selected For Repertorisation:

  1. Timidity;Bashful:
  2. Yielding disposition
  3. Sentimental:
  4. Weeping, tearful mood:tendency :Easily
  5. Consolation: Amel
  6. Fear:humiliated,of being:
  7. Fear:Misfortune,of:
  8. Anger,irascbility:tendency:talk:indisposed to:
  9. Irresolution,indecision
  10. Anxiety:Anticepating:
  11. Fear:narrow place,in,claustrophobia:
  12. Anxiety:trifles, about:
  13. Ailments from:Death:parents,of:
  14. Hot:application:agg:
  15. Food and drinks:Salt or salty food: desires:
  16. Cold:Tendency to take,taking cold agg:
  17. Confidence:want of self:
  18. Thirstlessness:

Repertorisation Software

Selection of Remedy: Pulsatilla was selected on the basis of totality of symptoms.

First Prescription: (31-01-2012) Pulsatilla 30 three doses every 10 minutes once a week followed by Chelidonium Ø 10 drops thrice daily in half cup of water for 4 weeks. Dioscorea 30 was advised to be taken during acute colic.

05 -03-2012:
H/o only one mild episode of pain with flatulence reported during the period. Pulsatilla 30 three doses every 10 minutes once a week followed by Cinchona 30, twice daily and Chelidonium Ø10 drops thrice daily in half cup of water was repeated. Patient was advised to get repeat Liver Function Test.

Blood Examination (05-03-2012)
SGPT-38.4↓, SGOT-48.6↓, SAP-208.7↓and S.Bilirubin-0.82
Liver Function Test found within normal limit.

15 -03-2012:
Pain in RHC- Ok. Flatulence subsided. Overall, feeling better. Pulsatilla 30 three doses with Cinchona 30 and Chelidonium Ø was repeated.

Pain in RHC- Ok. Cramps in extremities off & on. Flatulence much better. Pulsatilla 30 three doses every 10 minutes once a week followed by Cinchona 30 and Chelidonium Ø was repeated. Patient was advised to get ultrasonography on next visit.

Ultrasonography Report

Ultrasonography Report 2

ltrasonography Report(21-05-2012)

Gall bladder is not well distended however normal in shape, position and outline. No calculus or mass lesion is seen.

Inference: Solitary gall bladder calculus dissolved within 4 months of Homoeopathic treatment. The patient was not only saved from cholecystectomy but remained asymptomatic by regaining healthy gall bladder.

This case demonstrates how even a difficult case like cholelithiasis can be cured with Homoeopathy.

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  1. an excellent way of treatment

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