A Case of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

A practicing advocate came with a sudden hearing loss in the right ear since last 10 days. She felt like a blockage in the ear suddenly during aerobics. An ENT specialist told that it was just a blockage of the Eustachian tube and it would be alright in 24 hours. Another ENT surgeon diagnosed it to be a case of Sensor neural hearing loss and put her on steroids and other medication.0102

Doctors informed of a minimal chance of recovery. After 10 days of treatment when things got worse, she sent out her reports to leading ENT surgeons in UK and USA. They gave the opinion that nothing much can be done and she will have to learn to live with it. As an alternative source for cure she was directed towards Homeopathy

Presenting Symptoms:
Loss of hearing in the right ear
Ringing and constant noise in the ear
A sensation of pressure in the ears

Other complaint:

< Chocolate, Fasting, Stress, Light, When upset emotionally

The information provided by the husband:

She is an extremely loving, caring and emotional person. The patient has been practicing as an advocate for the last 12 years. Since the birth of their son, 2 ½ years back, she is not working much even though she misses her work, she loves & prefers to look after her son. She is an excellent mother and I am truly amazed at the excellent manner in which she is bringing up our son. She always wanted to pursue her career but gave priority to the family and meat time I have found her temperamentally to be a little stronger. She still feels her career ambitions remain unfulfilled to an extent would like to get back to her career.

Two months before the birth of her son her brother had lost their 13 month-old son in an accident. She used to stay awake for entire nights during her last 2 months of pregnancy. She developed fear in her mind that her son could also meet with an accident. She also has fear of staying alone, lizards and downward motion. Her ego hurts if someone misbehaves. She stays disturbed and stressed till quarrels & arguments are not resolved. She became depressed, irritable, and lethargic with bloatedness before menses. Clinically her blood pressure registered a reading of 110 over 70. Her throat was congested. There were cracks in the right knees and bilateral pedal oedema.

Her audiogram report revealed a normal left ear with right ear sensor neural hearing loss.

Please share your views. What could be the prescription? She improved after taking the homeopathic medicine.0304

Case Solution

The following rubrics were taken.

Rubrics For Repertorisation:

  • Hearing – Impaired
  • Hearing – Ringing
  • Hearing – Reverberating echoes and reechoes
  • Mind – Ambition, Ambitious
  • Mind – Temperament, choleric
  • Mind – Fright, fear agg; ailments from
  • Mind – Sensitive, oversensitive
  • Mind – Offended Easily
  • Mind – Menses during mental symptoms (see Female…)
  • Mind – Menses, Before

Hompath WildFire - Quick Repertorisation

Medicine Selected:

She was advised to take 6 powders 3 per week and SL 2 pills 4 hourly.

May12, 2004:
The patient was feeling better. Her hearing was improving. Lycopodium 30(18 powders 1 BD) was repeated.

May15, 2004:
The hearing was much better. Mild humming in the ears persisted. She could talk on the phone without difficulty. Lycopodium discontinued after Only 10 doses of Lyco 30.

May 17, 2004:
Heaviness in the right ear has also cleared out. Hearing was much clearer.

May31, 2004:
Hearing was much better like normal. There was negligible humming in the ear. She was advised to take an audiogram.

June3, 2004:
The ENT surgeon reported that Audiogram was normal. Both the surgeons were surprised with the improvement .They believed she would never hear normally again.

This case demonstrates how even a difficult case like sensori-neural deafness can be cured with Homoeopathy.


  1. Hello, I have been suffering from sensorineural hearing loss Left Ear – 50%, right ear – 60%. I realized this loss in 2006 which at that time was around 30% and it has been increasing since then. I don’t really know the cause of this loss. I can only recollect falling ill in 2005 due to mumps and was admitted in hospital for 3-4 days. Apart from that there have been no other disease or any accident. Please let me know if there is a treatment in homeopathy. My age is 37 and weight is 73.


    • “Hello Kapil,

      Sensori-neural hearing loss may result from multiple causes including trauma, viral or inflammatory infections like measles and mumps, meniere’s disease, prolonged exposure to very loud noise, and certain medications etc. Homeopathy has good scope in cases of sensori-neural hearing loss but the results may vary from case to case.

      It is only after reviewing your entire case history and your audiogram reports that we will be able to guide you on the exact course of treatment and how much it will help. From what you have written we feel you will see relief with regular Homeopathic treatment and will start noticing improvement in 6-8 months. Please visit http://www.welcomecure.com to start a Homeopathic consultation.

      In case of any further query, feel free to mail us at askme@welcomecure.com

    I am also suffering from sensory neural hearing loss since 16 years. now my age is 28.
    doctors advises hearing aid.as usual, but hearing is not help me. is homeopathy treatment help me?

    • Hello Abarna,

      It would be wrong on my part to tell you that Homeopathy will give you “guaranteed 100% results”, because that would be an irresponsible statement for me or any other homeopath to make. It is only after reviewing your entire case history that I will be able to guide you on the exact course of treatment and how much it will help. If you are a resident of Mumbai, you can personally consult me at my clinic. In case you reside out of Mumbai, you can consult online too at http://www.specialityclinic.com . In case you have any doubts or queries, you could send me your contact details and my Assistant Doctor will get in touch with you for further guidance.

      Take care!

  3. I am 68. I also am suffering from hearing loss. Doctor advises hearing aid as usual. I have faith that it can be improved in some natural way. Do you this there is some solution?

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