A Case of Ventricular Septal Defect

Author: Dr. Amar Nikam

This week let us see a remarkable case of Ventricular Septal Defect treated with Homoeopathy. Case of the patient who was on oxygen for nearly 24 hrs & was bed-ridden. He was diagnosed to be suffering from VSD since the age of 16 (i.e. in 1983).

Brief History:
A 35 yrs old Male, a Sales Manager of a Pharmaceutical Company, was complaining of breathlessness, which increased gradually. After consulting a well-known cardiologist, he was advised to change his job; where he does not have to undergo any physical exertion or face much stress. But, the patient was not ready to accept this and continued with his job until 1995. During this period, the patient would experience breathlessness, which he neglected.

Chief Complaints:-
1) Severe breathlessness with sensation as if he was going to die.
< Slight exertion after.
< Walking during.
< Motion.
< Lying down.
< Standing. > Bloodletting (removal of blood).
> Open air.
Severe suffocated choking feeling with breathlessness.
2) Headache on & off. Congested feeling in head with continuous nauseated feeling along with giddiness.
< Sun heat ++. > Removal of blood.
– Giddiness
< after resting.

Past History:-
H/o Cough with breathlessness since 1996.

Physical Generals:

  • Diet : Previously mixed. Now Vegetarian.
    (Since he had become religious).
  • Appetite : Loss of appetite since Aug. 2002.
  • Desire : Non – Veg ++(Previously), Sweets ++,
    Sweet – salty combination.
  • Thirst : Thirsty, Large quantity at small intervals.
  • Thermally : Hot Patient.

About his childhood
He enjoyed his childhood. He is the youngest child in the family. He was a very obstinate and irritable child.
He was good in sports like badminton and cricket. He won many prizes in badminton. He was captain of the cricket team during school days.
He was very good at playing violin and had won many prizes. He was selected in “Yuvak Mahostava” held at Panji.

How is his nature?
He likes being in company and talking to people. He is short–tempered. He gets angry easily when things don’t work according to his wish. If someone does anything against his will, he gets angry and that anger remains in his mind for a long time.
He is so obstinate that if he decides to do anything, in any condition, he will do it. His mother particularly mentioned that he likes everything neat and tidy. He likes to wear clean clothes, which are neatly ironed and wants everything in its proper place.
The patient himself mentioned in the letter that he likes maintaining a beard and moustache to improve his look. He had the habit of masturbation.
His mother said that his nature changed somewhat when he joined “ISKCON”. He is greatly influenced by the Philosophy of “Bhagwat Geeta”. He quit eating non-veg. food since then.

About his Education & Occupation
He completed his graduation in Commerce & took up a job in marketing which entailed touring various places like Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, etc. He was Area Sales Manager at a Pharmaceutical Company at Mumbai, from which he resigned, because of his deteriorating health.

About Hobbies
He is fond of playing violin. He is also very interested in acting & giving Live Performances on Stage. He decided to pursue a career in “Acting,” so he went to Mumbai.
When he was in Mumbai, he acted in two Marathi & two Hindi serials. He was deeply attracted towards the glamorous world of Bollywood. Acting was his real passion.
Sad moments in life
When he lost his father and when he left Mumbai, especially acting (glamour world).

His hematogical reports showed:

  • Raised PCV.
  • Raised HB from 16-18 mg% up to 30 mg%
  • Even the count of immature RBC was raised.

Case Solution:

The following rubrics were taken.

Totality Of Symptoms:

  • Religious
  • Loquacity
  • Music desire
  • Company desire
  • Contradiction intolerance of
  • Masturbation disposition
  • Sun aggravation
  • Lying after
  • Air open ameliorates
  • Thirst extreme
  • Choking constricting
  • Death desires fear
  • Fear death of


Remedy Selected :

Repertorization was done to obtain reportorial totality with the help of QUICK REPERTORIZATION module of HOMPATH WILDFIRE software.


Hompath WildFire - Repertorisation

2-3 days later
The complaint of breathlessness started decreasing and his demand for oxygen also decreased accordingly.
The patient was able to move about in his home and walk up to his dining table.
10 – 15 days later
The patient started taking walks around his home. He was also able to walk up to the temple near his house. Gradually he started walking for at least half an hour and even performed his daily routine.
The frequency of oxygen intake was gradually reduced.
General condition improved and he started feeling fresh.

Daily Follow-Up On Phone:

  • Headache, giddiness and nausea gradually decreased.
  • Appetite also improved.
  • A sign of cyanosis, which was seen on fingertips, nails and lips, decreased and they regained their pinkish color.
  • He also gained back his confidence.

On 2nd JAN 2003:
He rang and said, “I would like to meet you” I asked him, “where are you?” He told me spontaneously, “I am HERE, right now in your hospital” I was astonished at his reply and immediately came down to the consulting room. A fair and handsome person with tears in his eyes shook hands with me and said, “I have come here driving all the way from Yavatmal – (an 18 hours journey) that too without any oxygen support!”

He started performing his normal daily routine. He did a course in “journalism” and is now working as an eminent journalist.
He has also started working for…some TV serials. He is now a part of the busy life of Mumbai city!

  • 10% during school years
  • Muscular close sooner than membranous

Differential Remedies
SULPHUR: Things pointing towards LACH are:

  • LACH expresses tremendous sexual desire with masturbation compare to SULPH.
  • Egotism, performance, and involvement in religious groups, ambition, and positive nature…all these qualities reflect the self-love of LACH emphasized by Kent.
  • LACH, like SULPH is a great achiever in life due to the confidence provided, if they get favorable circumstances.
  • < Sun, < Lying down, air hunger and cyanosis are the unique features of LACH not shared by SULPH.

Veratrum Album

    • It also has A/F cyanosis with this syphilitic tendency with love for glamour and riches. But VERATRUM is exhausted by discharges where as LACH is decidedly ameliorated.
    • Also VERAT has its special keynote of profuse cold perspiration, which is not shown in LACH.
    • VERAT has its complaints due to wounded honour.

VERAT is not a very hypersexual remedy with masturbation disposition like LACH.

Positivity of LACH is far more than VERAT.

This case demonstrates how even a difficult case like Ventricular Septal Defect can be cured entirely by Homoeopathy.

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