A Case of Skin Allergy

Author: Dr. Jawahar Shah

This week let us see a classical case of Skin Allergy treated with Homoeopathy.

Chief Complaints:
The patient is a 16-year-old girl who was supposed to appear for her board exams in two days. About 5 days before the exams, she developed very high fever for which she took allopathic treatment for early relief.

Thereafter, she developed severe skin allergy to the antibiotics. The temperature still remained high at 104 degree F.

She was wearing a very thin dress & sleeping on the floor. It was cold, yet she wanted the fan on at full speed. She didn’t want to cover herself. She desired to drink cold water. Her skin was fiery red and peeling off like a snake shedding off its skin layers.

She had a sensation of burning & heat in her entire body.

Her expressions were those of tremendous anxiety as she was supposed to appear for her exams in 2 days.

The patient was assured that she would be alright & would be able to attend the exams.

Please share your views on this case. What could be the correct prescription?

She started improving immediately after administration of the similimum. She was cured completely with Homoeopathic treatment.

Case Solution:

Medicine Selected:
KALI SULPH 30 One Powder Dosehompath wildfire - homeopathic software

Next day the temperature became normal. The skin was better, redness had decreased.
She appeared for the exams and even secured distinction grade.

Homoeopathy worked very quickly – within 12 hours – the patient who was not responding to other medicines became completely normal.
This case demonstrates how even an acute case can be cured QUICKLY and SAFELY with HOMOEOPATHY.

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