Homeopathy Case Taking Software- From Start To Finish Paperlessly!

How would it be if ALL the details of your patient would become available to you just at the click of your mouse?Most of the homeopathic softwares give the analysis of a case. However, like it is rightly said, a case well-taken and recorded is a case half solved.What is needed today is a homeopathy case taking software which aids you in doing just that! Hompath Wildfire gives you the means to organize your clinic in the most efficient way possible.

Record everything about the patient in the exact manner as taught by the Master, Samuel Hahnemann himself. Enter all the details of the Chief Complaint, Associated Complaint, Physical Generals as well as a detailed Life Situation narration in the Classic Case Record feature of Hompath.homeopathy case taking software

The best part about this feature of the homeopathy case taking software is that every section is arranged systematically and separately, and because we know that time is of essence, all the details entered by the physician are automatically and intelligently saved by the software itself.

Every meticulous physician likes to thoroughly examine the patient for diagnosis of disease. Hompath’s homeopathy case taking software has created a special section just for maintaining records of any and all the Examination findings acquired by the physician.homeopathy case taking software

The hallmark of this homeopathy case taking software, however, is the section on Investigations. Hompath knows that every homeopathic physician of scientific incline likes to maintain prognostic criteria of the objective kind, like various Blood Reports, Urine Examination, Stool Examination, etc. so that he can gauge whether his treatment is moving in the desired direction of cure.homeopathy case taking software

For this purpose, Hompath has made provisions to record Investigations of all types done for the patient so that the physician can, at one glance, know the exact mode of the patient’s progress.

There are also times when, the physician has to consult a large number of patients in a short span of time. In such a situation, it is not possible to record the complete case details of the patient, and then record the rubrics from the repertory.

No worries! Here too, Hompath has the answer. Quick Case Record is a unique feature of the homeopathy case taking software that enables the physician to record the case AND the rubrics SIMULTANEOUSLY without switching between Modules and Sections.homeopathy case taking software

Quick Case Record consists of thousands of symptoms arranged in a systematic format according to various chapters. Each and every symptom is linked to the relevant rubric/rubrics.

The physician has to just go through the list of pre-determined symptoms and SELECT the appropriate ones for the patient. Once selected, the MOST RELEVANT RUBRICS for the selected symptoms get automatically recorded in the Repertorisation table. This ensures maximum efficiency in minimum span of time and saves hundreds of valuable hours cumulatively!

Get Hompath’s homeopathy case taking software so that you don’t have to look anywhere else for anything else! Whatever you need in your practice is there right here in Hompath! It is a total solution in ONE SOFTWARE!

Download free homeopathic software demo click here.

Master the A to Z of your homeopathic practice! Isn’t this what you want in life?


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